The Hall of Fame has officially announced the 2018 Inductees.  They are Jerry Angiuli of Squim WA, Dave Kelly of Byron CA and Dan Bonillas of Los Banos, CA.  The induction will be held on Thursday at the Grand Pacific in July.  Congratulations to these honored gentlemen who join past inductees into the Hall.

The December Multiplex are now posted on the results page.  Check your posted scores as the results will be final Friday, December 8th at 9:00 P.S.T.

Highlights of the December event:

  • 59,300 targets shot at 50 clubs (does not include the Sub-Gauge events)
  • 12 perfect scores in singles, none in handicap and four in doubles
  • 49’s earned 1/2 yard in handicap – Congratulations! (be sure your average card is punched)
  • 3,600 sub-gauge targets shot at 4 OR clubs, 3 ID clubs, 3 WA clubs, 2 HI club, 5 CA clubs, 1 CO club, 1 NV club and 1 BC club – 72 shooters
  • Pawnee in CO registered the most target – 5,250 in 12 ga and 1,000 in sub-gauge
  • Clubs with the most targets in each State/Province are (includes Sub-Gauge):
    • AK (2 clubs) – Juneau (900)
    • BC (6 clubs) – Langley (2,150)
    • CA (10 clubs) – Livermore (2,950)
    • CO (1 clubs) – Pawnee (6,250)
    • HI (2 clubs) – Big Island Trap Club (option at regular shoot) (1,650)
    • ID (5 clubs) – Caldwell (1,400)
    • NV (7 clubs) – Winnemucca, Orovada (tie-1,200)
    • OR (10 clubs) – Hillsboro (2,500)
    • WA (7 clubs ) – Kenmore – (2,300)

The payouts for the October, November and December events will be mailed by mid-December.  Please cash/deposit your check when you receive it.

The November Multiplex scores and results are now posted and are final.  Click here for our results page.  Some of the highlights:

  • 56,600 targets shot at 49 clubs
  • 23 perfect scores in singles – none in handicap or doubles
  • 48’s earned 1/2 yard in handicap
  • 2,250 sub-gauge targets shot at 3 OR clubs, 2 ID clubs, 2 WA clubs, 1 HI club, 3 CA clubs, 1 CO club, 1 NV club and 1 BC club
  • Pawnee in CO registered the most target – 3,250 in 12 ga and 600 in sub-gauge
  • Clubs with the most targets in each State/Province are:
    • AK (2 clubs) – Juneau
    • BC (6 clubs) – Langley
    • CA (9 clubs) – Redding (option at regular shoot)
    • CO (1 clubs) – Pawnee
    • HI (2 clubs) – Big Island Trap Club (option at regular shoot)
    • ID (5 clubs) – Culdesac
    • NV (7 clubs) – Fallon/Winnemucca (tie)
    • OR (10 clubs) – Hillsboro
    • WA (7 clubs ) – Colton/Kenmore/Yakima (tie)

On October 21, 2017 Dave Lang shot his 150,000th targets at the Old Skagit Gun Club.  Old Skagit has become the ‘WA MILESTONE CLUB’.  They honor the shooter with a cake, jacket, buckle and the PITA pin with certificate.  There are a two other clubs that are also MILESTONE CLUBS – Vancouver and NOTSC in BC.  If your club does ‘special honors’ for Milestone receipts please let us know.  PITA congratulates Dave and thanks Old Skagit for their practice of recognizing milestone recipients.  Click here to see other recent milestone recipients.

Dave Lang’s squad: Chuck Manning, Jackie Brunson (Dave’s daughter), Dan Vance, Dave and his son-in-law David Brunson

Dave receiving his awards




The new PITA target year begins November 1st.  Please be sure your dues are paid online or at the club where you shoot the event.  If you are paying at the club you will need to complete a membership application form so save time in line, complete this form and take it with you or better yet pay online beforehand (available to US and Canadian members).  Your club cashier will appreciate it.

The online 2018 cards will not be available until all of the 2017 scores have been reported.  Your 2017 card will show a new expiration date after your 2018 payment is processed so show a copy of it or your payment receipt when you register for the Multiplex.

Shoot well and have fun!

The October Multiplex was hosted by 50 PITA clubs the first weekend of October.

Some of the highlights are:

  • 56,400 12 ga. targets thrown, 3,400 sub-gauge targets – almost 60,000 total!
  • 34 new members joined PITA – WELCOME
  • There were 17 perfect scores in singles, 2 in handicap and 2 in doubles
  • 68 sub-gauge shooters with a shooter using a .410 winning $68

Click HERE to see all the results and check your scores.

The Idaho State PITA recently submitted a proposal to the Executive Committee requesting that the PITA target year be changed to run from August 1st through July 31st of each year. Click HERE to read the proposal.   The proposal would require a change to Section A of the PITA Rule Book.  This section can be changed by the Executive Committee without a vote of the membership.  However, since this is a change that can affect every member of our association, we want your comments.

This proposal stems from a desire to establish a permanent date for the Idaho PITA state shoot and a desire to enhance attendance at that shoot.  Currently, State/Provincial shoots must occur between November 1st and mid July of each year in order to precede the Grand Pacific (to qualify individuals for the Rookie of the Year and Champion of Champions events). In an effort to establish an Idaho State Shoot during the months of August, September, or October, the Idaho PITA proposed a change to the current target year which is currently November 1st through October 31st.

The Executive Committee discussed this proposal at their recent meeting on October 4th and decided to turn the discussion over to PITA members for consideration. Executive Committee members will be reviewing feedback provided and considering the proposal again in later meetings.

Email your comments to