Renew now – either from this website

US residents (click here)

Canada residents (click here),

at the next shoot you attend or print the membership form (CLICK HERE) and mail.  If you renew online you will receive an email from PITA once your membership record is updated (normally 2-3 days) with your membership card attached.  You will be able to download/print your 2019 card in mid-late November once all 2018 scores are posted.  NEW: The 2019 target year ends August 31, 2019 with the target year changing to September 1 -August 31 for future years.

Please consider sponsoring a youth member, only $10 and/or a Grand Pacific trophy.  Over 300 young shooters received free PITA membership in 2018.  For tax-deductible youth donations contact the YES committee.

How do you know if your dues need to be renewed?

There are two ways, one is to look on your membership card for the expiration date.  The 2nd way is to view your ‘Member Detail Report’ on the SCORES page.  Your expiration date is in the upper right corner.

NOW!  Print your membership card from the website with scores filled in.  Please give this a try.  Click the icon to the right ‘MEMBERSHIP AVERAGE CARD-DOWNLOAD IT NOW‘ and the link will take you to the SCORES page where you enter your your name or five digit number in the top box (only the numbers no state/provincial prefix – example 12345).  If you receive an error message try it again. If you get an error the 3rd time contact the PITA office.  Remember it takes 2-3 days after your payment for your membership record to be updated so your card can be downloaded/printed.

The 2019 membership cards will be mailed in December (if you included the $5.00 wallet card fee on your renewal form) but we strongly encourage you to print yours now and before each shoot you attend (or just download to your smart phone) – saving PITA time and money.  In the next two-three years we hope most shooters will be using this method, considerably reducing printing and postage costs.  This online membership card includes the scores you have registered for the year.  Print your 2018 card now and verify your scores.   Just a reminder – if your scores are incorrect or missing (allow 20 days for posting) please contact the PITA immediately.


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