Congratulations to our HOA winners for the winter season:

  • HOA – Kyle Seever
  • British Columbia: Phil Van De Keere
  • California: Mac Robertson
  • Colorado: Paul Dible
  • Hawaii: Neil Arakaki
  • Nevada: Todd Delong
  • Oregon: Tom Olsen
  • Washington: Tim Plagman

The HOA shooters will receive a custom made High Over All name tag.

The random draw winners were Bud Hoffman (shooting at Del Norte, CA), Scott Julian (shooting at Hillsboro, OR), Benjamin Keller (shooting at Pawnee, CO), Tammy Mariluch and Aaron Simpson (shooting at Winnemucca, NV), Jeff Mitchell (shooting at Yakima, NV).

Each of the random draw shooters receives a handcrafted White Flyer clock compliments of our Multiplex sponsor White Flyer Targets.  Bill Daniels of White Flyer will mail your clock directly to you.

Checks for January and February will be mailed March 6th.

The SUMMER SEASON starts the first full week of June (5th-9th).  Call 541-258-8766 or email to register your club!

My name is Kay Reynolds. I was born and raised in Rupert, Idaho. I have two children and three grandchildren. I currently live in Twin Falls and am the treasurer at the Twin Falls Gun Club. 

I have been involved in trapshooting since 1997. I started shooting league at Twin Falls and Burley and have shot a few registered shoots. In 2003, I was offered my first cashiering job and have since grown my cashiering business to eight different clubs in Idaho. I have cashiered the Grand Pacific since 2007 and helped at two Oregon State Shoots. 

I love my job as a cashier and seeing the accomplishments from the juniors to the veteran shooters. 

I am looking forward to working with everyone as PITA Secretary. The shoes I have to fill are very big but I am looking forward to starting this very exciting adventure. 

Thank you all for your support!!! 

Kay Reynolds


NOTE: Club managers and cashiers – please visit the FORMS page for updated forms.

The 2017 Grand Pacific tournament will be held at the Spokane Gun Club, July 23-29.  An agreement was reached with Spokane Gun Club which will allow the Grand tournament to be presented at no entry fee increase from last year.

You can WIN FREE entry at the Grand Pacific – click HERE for all the details.

Update 2/14/17:  Oxford Suites is offering special rates for the Grand Pacific.  Click here to view their flyer.

Update 1/31/17: We have been communicating with Spokane and are waiting for the weather conditions to improve (snow to disappear) before we can move ahead with the parking plan.  They are mandated to connect to city sewer in the spring.  This may affect the current 20 amp area and it may delay a bit the overall progress of our parking plan.  If you have received an invoice please pay as soon as possible to confirm your space as there are many people on the waiting list.

Update 11/29/16: Click here to view the RV site map.  All 50 amp spaces (193-213) are full as well as all 30 amp spaces.  Call or email NOW to reserve your space.  Auxiliary power will be provided.  In the next few weeks Sue will be emailing your space # and the amount you owe Spokane Gun Club for your space (do not send your payment to PITA).  She will need your phone number, arrival date and departure date as well as your RV type/length and number of slides.  If you have not done so please email her this information.

Shooters with prepaid RV reservations at ESC will be given priority at SGC or a full refund if not attending.  All RV questions and reservation should be sent to or call 541-258-8766.  Prepays must contact Sue before December 1st to arrange a transfer or they will lose their reservation and a refund will be issued.

We’re sorry to announce that Michelle Wade has taken another position and is moving on from the PITA.  The Executive Committee, upon receiving Michelle’s letter of resignation, went right to work looking for a replacement.  We contacted all of the previous applicants to determine whether any of those people were still interested.  This past Monday evening (1/30/17) we interviewed two applicants and we are happy to announce that the position of Executive Secretary has been offered to Kay Reynolds of Idaho.  Many of you may remember her as a cashier at the Grand Pacific or from shoots in Idaho.  She has been involved in trapshooting for about 15 years and she will begin serving as your new Executive Secretary in about two weeks. Effective February 13th the new PITA address will be PO Box 5276, Twin Falls, ID 83303.  The new PITA email address is

In other news, the PITA is looking for a new Treasurer.  No, our Treasurer hasn’t quit.  He happens to be serving as our President.  Billy Myers has been the PITA treasurer for the past 10+ years and he feels that it’s time for someone else to take the position.  This is a volunteer appointed position so you aren’t subject to election every year.  If you have a background in accounting and think that you may be interested in this position, please get in touch with Billy Myers at for a copy of the job description.

Speaking of openings….We’re going to have a few on the Executive Committee this summer!  As you may recall, we had some members of the EC resign in October.  Those positions were filled by Mike Riggs, Geoff Fern, Rusty Brewer, Corey Ashbeck, and Jennifer Carter.  The three latter positions are up for election at the Grand Pacific General Meeting this coming July.  Have you always wanted to join the exciting world of Trapshooting Association Management?  Now is your opportunity!  Contact Jennifer Carter at if you’re interested!

Jennifer Carter, Chair of the Nominating Committee


The Hall of Fame committee is proud to announce the 2017 Hall of Fame inductees.  They are Art Fenton, Tom Gray and Grant Lau.  All of whom more than qualify based on the criteria – i.e. wins, targets and Allstar team placement.  The inductees will be honored in a ceremony July 27th at the 2017 Grand Pacific tournament, Spokane Gun Club, Greenacres WA.  Please join us to congratulation these deserving members of our association.

For more details contact any member of the Hall of Fame committee.

2016 is the first year of a modified team selection and additional teams for seniors, elders and sub-juniors.  Click here to see the new criteria and those who made the teams.

All-stars are recognized at their State/Provincial shoot and again during opening ceremonies at the Grand Pacific tournament.  Be sure to congratulate them.

Junior and Sub-Junior All-Stars will receive Y-E-S scholarships as follows:  Top Team – congratulations to Colton Vines – $500.  Junior Captain – Andreas Borgensen – $500, remaining 4 on 1st team – $300 each: Garrett Grubbs, Josh Tiegs, Colten Imhoff, Dalton Land, 2nd place Junior team members – $100 each: Dino Manual, Alexa Paxson, Dylan Nelson, Ethan Alexander.  Sub-junior Captain – Gage Wade-Huber – $500, remaining on Sub-junior team – $100 each: Joe Mundy, Michael Sargent, Cameron Phillips.


The schedule of events was set by the Executive Committee at their 11/29 meeting.  Except for the move to Spokane Gun Club there are scarcely any changes from previous years.

The events are as follows:

  • Sunday – July 23rd:  Coon Creek Singles, Black Diamond Gun Club Handicap
  • Monday – July 24th: Dolphin Bank Trucking Doubles, Tilden Trophies Handicap
  • Tuesday – July 25th: 100 28 gauge singles-sponsors Briley, Browning, White Flyer & Shoot To Win Gear, 100 singles – this event is available for sponsorship, All American Restoration Handicap
  • Wednesday – July 26th: 50 pair 28 gauge doubles-sponsors Briley, Browning, White Flyer & Shoot To Win Gear, White Creek Gunstock Blanks Doubles, All American Armory Handicap, evening fun shoot
  • Thursday – July 27th: 1st 1/2 of Championship Singles-sponsored by RIO, TrapshootingUSA Handicap, Hall of Fame Ceremonies
  • Friday – July 28th: 100 singles (2nd 1/2 of Championships)-this event is available for sponsorship, White Flyer Handicap
  • Saturday – July 29th: 50 pair doubles (Championships)-this event is available for sponsorship, Championships Handicap-sponsored by Browning

High Over All will include all registered events except the 28 gauge – total of 1400 targets.

Opening Ceremonies will be Sunday, July 23rd.  We hope everyone will attend and congratulate the 2016 PITA Allstars.

You can download your 2017 membership card using the “Membership Average Card – Download It Now” icon on the right side. Enter your 5 digit PITA number and your date of birth in the format shown (YEAR-MM-DD – example: 1998-06-24 for June 24, 1998). If you have requested a wallet card be mailed ($5 charge) those will sent in the next few weeks. Please note: with the advent of computer cashiering the orange imprint card is gradually being phased out.  If you have a need for one in your area simply request it using the ‘Contact Us’ link in the upper right corner.

As you may have heard, there have been some big changes on the PITA Executive Committee.  On Thursday, October 20, the EC voted to accept the resignations of Jim Rankhorn-President, L.A. Taylor-Vice President, Mike Gregersen-Chair of the Central Handicap and Rules Committee and Director Bob White who resigned by email on October 18th. Director Jim Bradbury later resigned for personal reasons.  If you have questions regarding the reasoning behind these resignations, it would be best to speak with these individuals personally.

At that same meeting, four people were appointed to fill four of the five vacancies.  Those people are Rusty Brewer (OR), Geoff Fern (BC), Mike Riggs (OR), and Jennifer Carter (OR).  These four people will fill the unexpired terms of those resigning.  There is still one vacancy and interested parties should contact any member of the Executive Committee.

The current PITA EC is meeting weekly now in order to get caught up on the daily work of the PITA and to prepare for the 2017 Grand Pacific.  We would like to thank the many State and Provincial officials who helped us work through the events during this time and are continuing to support the PITA.

11/21/16 update:  The last position on the Executive Committee was recently filled – please welcome Corey Ashbeck of Benton City, WA to the committee.

Old Skagit March PITA Shoot
March 11 & 12, 2017

Old Skagit held its spring shoot on another cold, wet, and windy weekend on March 11 and 12. Seventy-eight shooters gathered and participated in 300 singles on Saturday and 100 handicap and doubles on Sunday. There were some good scores (and some not-so-good scores) but everybody enjoyed getting the spring shooting season started.
There were even some highlights to the days despite the gloomy weather. Brian Hazen came down from Canada and shot a 100 straight on Saturday in the middle event of 300 singles. His name will join that of several other shooters on the plaque at the gun club. Mark Arnold of Graham, Washington, scored his first ever 25 straight also on Saturday. On Sunday Parker Jensen of Burlington, Washington, joined PITA and went on to win the Handicap event, scoring his first 25 straight as well. Good job Parker! (Please see our Trophy Report for full list of results.) Charles Stacey also had a good weekend and won HOA with his 475 after tying (with Don Meece) for A Class on Saturday and winning Doubles with his 98.

Thank you to everybody who participated in the shooting (and to the families and friends who came and supported them) and also to all our volunteers who helped to make this a successful shoot.

On the Line with the Corps of Discovery

By Dale Nelson

On February 18, 2017 the Douglas Ridge Youth Shotgun Team traveled to the mouth of the Columbia River to compete at the BKS Pacific International Trapshooting Association Tournament.  Officially BKS stands for Brownsmead, Svenson, Knappa which are small communities near the range.  Unofficially, I understand, BKS stands for “Because Kristin Says”.  Kristin Webb works very hard and runs a tight ship.

The clubhouse at BKS was built by Lewis and Clark for members of the Corps of Discovery to practice trapshooting.  Ok, maybe I don’t know the true age of the clubhouse but some of the youth on our team are convinced that some members of the Corps of Discovery were shooting the Tournament with us.  The clubhouse is rustic and beautiful and very well kept.  The BKS members were welcoming and a lot of fun for our families.  Our Team Photographer, Dave Phipps, has posted pictures of our day at BKS at  What, you don’t have a Team Photographer?  You should get one.

For our team, the big story of the day was our teammate Wyatt Copeland.  Wyatt has tried to break his first 25 straight for a couple years now.  He has scored 24/25 several dozen times but that first 25/25 had become an elusive obsession for him.  The cheering was deafening when Wyatt broke his first registered 25 straight on the first trap at BKS.  Being witness to the fleeting look of accomplishment and pride exchanged between these teens and their parents when they turn back from the line is payment in full for all my efforts as coach.  I highly recommend it.

So, just to prove that the first 25 was no fluke, Wyatt broke another 25 on the third trap.  He ended the day with 95/100 in singles taking high Junior Singles and a second overall.  Well done Wyatt!

Wyatt’s story does not end there.  Dylan Nelson has been top shooter on our Youth Team for a couple of years now.  Dylan shot on a later squad.  I was working on some paperwork when Dylan finished singles.  I looked up to ask Dylan how he shot and Wyatt was with him coming from the scorers stand.  They were both grinning broadly.  I wondered briefly “What is Wyatt doing out there?”.  Then it dawned on me; Wyatt had beaten Dylan. Wyatt had rushed out to check the score and, sure enough he won the internal competition between friends and teammates! I knew that was on Wyatt’s bucket list but I failed to realize how very important that was to him.  Dylan is as proud of Wyatt’s accomplishment as anyone.

We held a hat shooting ceremony at BKS to celebrate Wyatt’s accomplishment.  All the youth participants and several adults got in on the action. Wyatt must now start working on a new lucky hat.

Our families and young athletes had a great time at the BKS PITA Tournament.  Our team will be returning to BKS; it is a special place run by some special folks.  I hope you have a chance to shoot there too.


PITA continues to offer free membership for all youth shooters wishing to register targets.  The Grand Pacific provides team awards and individual scholarships for those shooting the Championship Singles.  PITA youth All-stars are also awarded scholarships.

Washington State PITA is offering the following opportunities for youth shooters. Click here to view.

PITA Y-E-S is a 501c3 organization.  Donations gladly accepted.

The annual SHOT Show (Shooting-Hunting-Outdoor-Trade show) was held in Las Vegas January 17-20.  This is a mind boggling event with over 65,000 invitation only attendees browsing over 1,600 product displays.  Mike Riggs, new PITA director, and yours truly representing the PITA visited our past and hopefully future supporters.  This event continues to provide access to a huge variety of potential trophies, product and resources.  A special thanks to White Flyer for introducing us to this event years ago.

Some of our old friends, including Browning, White Flyer, Rio, Briley, Boyt Harness and RCBS are a few of the contacts the SHOT show provides.  These and others are on board for the 2017 Grand Pacific providing guns, ammo and other products. If your business is interested in being a part of our event as a sponsor, advertiser or vendor please contact me.

Sue Brewer, PITA Assistant  or phone 541-258-8766


On Saturday January 14, 2017 the Douglas Ridge Youth Shotgun Team shot the Portland Gun Club New Year’s Tournament.  If you weren’t there you really missed out.  The temperatures fluctuated between 17 and 23 degrees with winds of 20-30 mph and gusts to about 40 mph.  The wind chill temp was 5 degrees.  In a nutshell, it was brutal.

Our Team Photographer, Dave Phipps, took some great photos and has them at for your enjoyment. 

These kids are tough!  Obviously, I’m very proud of the Team but I want to especially thank the families for coming out and bringing the Team to the shoot.  Just getting there was an adventure and no one bailed.  We are very lucky to have the support of the gun club paired with the incredible support from the families.

Article by Dale Nelson