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2020 Fall Classic Update

Update on the 2020 Fall Classic September 25,26,27. We are working on the program and it will be posted on the PITA website, E-News, all Facebook pages/groups and sent to all State Association & Provincial secretary’s in the next week or so. As of right now the following 9 clubs have committed to hosting. The program will have a section of what each host club offers at their site and is charging for targets.

Fairbanks Alaska
Juneau Alaska
Vancouver Gun Club (VGC), BC confirmed and second club on Vancouver Island, BC to be announced soon!
Evergreen Washington
Portland Oregon
Redding California
Newman California
Twin Falls Idaho

The Fall Classic events will be as follows:
800 total targets

Friday Sept 25th
Event 1 100 Class Singles
Event 2 100 Friday HDCP
Event 3 100 Class Doubles

Saturday Sept 26th
Event 4 200 Singles Fall Classic Championship
Event 5 100 Preliminary HDCP

Sunday Sept 27th
Event 6 100 Doubles Fall Classic Championship
Event 7 100 HDCP Fall Classic Championship

Thank you everyone for your patience
Mike Riggs

July 2020 Multiplex results are posted…

Scores and results are posted.  Results are final July 19, 2020 9 am PST notify PITA of any errors before this time.

  • Congratulations Clay Brown – HOA winner 148/150
  • Ten 49’s in handicap earned 1/2 yard
  • 51,750 targets were thrown including Sub-gauge
  • 376 shooters

August Multiplex runs August 1-8, 2020.  Check the online calendar for a club near you.

Updated 8/07/20: Shoot date changes…

Here are shoot date changes to the small tan 2020 pocket schedule as well as cancellations/reschedules due to COVID-19. Latest changes in red. Continue reading

2020 Washington State Shoot

Washington is moving the Evergreen shoot scheduled on September 05 & 06 to September 11th, 12th & 13th (which adds a day).

As part of this shoot, they will have Washington State targets identified with Championship Singles (200 targets), Championship Handicap (100 targets) and Championship Doubles (100 targets).

They will have a program in the near future.



2020 Oregon State Shoot


OSTA has scheduled a State Shoot for 2020 to be held at the Medford Gun Club in conjunction with their already scheduled Labor Day weekend PITA Money Shoot September 4th – 7th, 2020. 400 Championship targets and trophies will be offered throughout the weekend. 200 singles, 100 handicap and 100 doubles. Program to be posted in a week or so and presquad.com will be up in the next couple of days, for RV reservations contact cashier Sue Brewer at 541-258-8766 or email sjbrewer40@gmail.com. Don’t forget this State Shoot counts as a major and so does the 2020 Fall Classic for all stars.

Stay tuned on Facebook and the PITA website for any updates as they happen.

Order of events will be as follows:

Friday Sept 4th up to 500 Oregon Doubles Classics no other events.

Saturday Sept 5th

1st event Singles 1st half of Championship

2nd event Club HDCP

3rd event Championship Doubles

Sunday September 6th

1st event Singles 2nd half of Championship

2nd event Championship HDCP

3rd event Club Doubles

Monday September 7th

2 HDCP’s both Club events.

Please help spread the word to all shooters.

Thank you

Mike Riggs


June 2020 Multiplex results are posted…

Scores and results are posted.  Results are final June 22, 2020 10 am PST notify PITA of any errors before this time.

  • Congratulations JAson Nelson – HOA winner 147/150
  • One 50 in handicao earned 1/2 yard
  • 45,800 targets were thrown including Sub-gauge
  • 329shooters

July Multiplex runs July 1-14, 2020.  Check the online calendar for a club near you.

Sue Brewer Furlough

Dear Members,

As you know, your PITA Executive Committee has been working very hard on the business of this association.  With all of the changes brought on by COVID-19, we have had to make some very difficult decisions.  This may be the hardest of all:

As of June 1, 2020 we are going to furlough Sue Brewer.  This furlough will run through August 31, 2020 when Sue will return to finish out her contract. Sue has been an active and willing part of this negotiation and we thank her for her selfless desire to help the association.

Sue has been a part of the management of this association for 24 years and many of our success can be attributed to her ideas and hard work. We’re going to miss her, and we know you will too, but she’ll be back in September.

In the meantime, please direct all PITA Business to Kay@shootpita.com or to myself at carter.d.j@hotmail.com.

If you need to get in touch with Sue, please use her personal email address: sjbrewer40@gmail.com


Jennifer Carter, PITA President

Multiplex HOA Pins

Attention Shooters!


The PITA Executive Committee has decided that, due to the lack of income and participants, we will not be awarding HOA pins for the Summer Multi-Plex Season.  This is a difficult decision, and it may seem like a small expense, but we are in the unenviable position of cutting every expense we can. In addition, many clubs are unable to host a Multi-Plex due to local restrictions.  This makes High Over All more like High over Some.


We hope that you continue to participate in and enjoy the Multi-Plex this summer and we hope that this is just a temporary change.



Jennifer Carter, P.I.T.A. President

2020 All-Stars Update 6/3/2020

Dear Members,

We’ve had many questions lately, regarding the 2020 All-Star Team criteria.  After much discussion, the Executive Committee has decided to leave the criteria alone, with one exception: The Fall Classic is now considered a MAJOR Shoot, for the purposes of All Star Team criteria.

While many states have canceled their State Championships, there are a few: Arizona, British Columbia, Colorado, Hawaii, and Idaho that have had, or are planning to have, their State/Provincial Championship this target year.  Washington will make a decision regarding their shoot, this coming Sunday. The Washington State shoot has been cancelled.

For now, these championship events, along with the Fall Classic, will allow people to still get two major shoots in and, as long as they meet the other criteria, work toward the All-Star Team.  Good Luck and Good Shooting!

Jennifer Carter, PITA President

May 2020 Multiplex results are posted…

Scores and results are posted.  Results are final June 1, 2020 10 am PST notify PITA of any errors before this time.

  • Three 49’s in handicap earned 1/2 yard.
  • 35,050 targets were thrown including Sub-gauge.
  • 21 clubs were able to meet COVID-19 guidelines to open and shoot
  • 259 shooters

June Multiplex runs June 7-13, 2020.  Check the online calendar for a club near you.