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2020 Grand Pacific information …

All the latest information about the Grand Pacific is posted here. Continue reading

2020 BRB Voice Release Purchase Program

Once again this year the PITA hopes to provide new wired BRB Voice Calls on every trap at the PITA Grand Pacific to be held at the Medford Gun Club & Hillsboro Trap & Skeet Club, July 18-25, 2020. We will be offering these 24-sets (used for the Grand Pacific only) to gun clubs for $915.00 per set, first come-first served – so don’t wait to order! This is a great deal for essentially brand new BRB Voice Calls and they will sell fast. Contact Mike Riggs at riggsconstinc@gmail.com to order. Payment will be required to confirm order.

Shoot date changes…

Below are remaining changes to the small tan 2020 pocket schedule – please note:

  • 3/8/2020 – Cowichan VISL (BC) – missed on the schedule printing
  • 3/13-15/2020 – Add: Hillsboro St. Pat’s Shoot from March 21-22 to this weekend. (ODC March 13th)
  • 3/21-22/2020 – Hillsboro St. Pat’s Shoot moved to March 14-15, 2002 (ODC March 13th)
  • 3/21/2020 – Add: Capitol City Gun Club – Carson City, NV
  • 3/27-28/2020 – Add: Hermiston (OR) – ODC on 3/27
  • 4/25/2020 – Add: Bulkley Valley (BC) – Spring Classic Warm-Up
  • 5/21-25/2020 – Location change: CA State Shoot moved to Coon Creek Trap & Skeet
  • 6/5-7/2020 moved to 6/12-14 – Hillsboro (OR)
  • 6/13/2020 – Add: Capitol City Gun Club – Carson City, NV
  • 6/13-14/2020 – Add: Spring Creek Trap & Skeet – Elko, NV – NEW PITA CLUB!!
  • 6/13-14/2020 – Add: Pocatello (ID)
  • 6/27-28/2020 – Add: Seattle Skeet & Trap (WA)
  • 7/11-12/2020 – Vancouver (BC) – missed on the schedule printing
  • &/18-19/2020 – Cancel: Pocatell0 (ID) – moved to June 13-14
  • 8/1/2020 – Add: Capitol City Gun Club – Carson City, NV
  • 9/25-27/2020 – Delete: NOTSC – Vernon, BC (scheduled in error)
  • 10/17/2020 – Add: Capitol City Gun Club – Carson City, NV

If your club wishes to add shoots/marathons submit a ‘SHOOT APPLICATION FORM’ to your State or Provincial Secretary for approval.

Remember – All 2021 shoot applications are due by June 30, 2020 to be included in the printed pocket schedule.  The 2021 target year starts September 1, 2020.  The 2020 shoot dates are now posted on the online calendar.

PITA Hall of Fame annoucement

1/29/20:  Congratulations to the 2020 Hall of Fame Inductees – Leo Pike and Dave Wade, both from BC.  The ceremony will be at Evergreen Sportsman’s Club, Friday, July 10th at 7:30 p.m. during the WA State Shoot.

These two inductees will also be honored during the Grand Pacific with brochures, guest books and dvd’s of the ceremony shown on Thursday evening, July 23rd at both Medford and Hillsboro.

11/15/19:  The PITA Hall of Fame committee has announced today the 2020 PITA Hall of Fame Induction will be held at the Washington State shoot in Evergreen in July, dates are July 8-12.

Further details will be forthcoming when the 2020 Inductees are announced and details are finalized.

Order a PITA Yearbook today!

The Yearbook is complete – order your copy today.  The book is ordered on the membership form – click ‘order your copy‘ for a direct link to this page and then use the US or Canada membership form to order.  You can also phone the PITA office to order (208) 312-0314.

Congratulations to cover club – Myrtle Point Sportsman’s Club – Myrtle Point, OR.

This 264 page book contains many things including

  • Averages
  • State/Provincial Shoot results
  • Shooters photos
  • Facts and trivia
  • 2019 All Star Teams
  • Milestones received
  • Club directory
  • and more………….


February 2020 Multiplex results are posted…

Scores and results are posted.  Results are final.

  • A lone 49/50 in handicap earned 1/2 yard and a chunk of money.
  • 59,000 targets were thrown including Sub-gauge.
  • 46 clubs
  • 430 shooters

March Multiplex runs March 1 -7, 2020.  Check the online calendar for a club near you.


CSTA Series Awards Shoot February 16, 2020

The 2019 CA Series winners will be honored and buckles awarded at the Livermore shoot on February 16th.  In addition to the buckles there will be 11 drawings for $50 Sportsman’s gift cards thanks to these gun clubs – Del Norte, Eel River, Ukiah, Sierra Valley, Yreka, Redding, Coon Creek, Livermore, Lake County, Valley of the Moon and Newman.  To be in the drawing you had to shoot the required number of targets, not win a buckle and be present at the drawing.

The buckle winners are:

  • 19-20 yards – M Kelly 932
  • 21-22 yards – Devin Huguenot 1381
  • 23-24 yards – Rick Freeman 1382
  • 25-26 yards – Josh Weinberger 1419
  • 27 yards – Jason Nelson 1441
  • Lady – Mckenna Matesen 940
  • Sub Junior – Adam Jason 932
  • Junior – Caleb Montgomery 955
  • Veteran – Brad Eatmon 937
  • Senior – Weldon Birch 939
  • Elder – Bill Timmer 893

You do not need to be a CA resident to participate in the Series.  Just look for ‘*’ on the pocket schedule or click here for a list of the 2020 Series Shoots.

Notes from the Crab Buckle shoot

Craba marine crustacean of which worldwide 1.5 million metric tons are consumed annually.

Bucklea common device which binds two ends of fabric or belt, often used to hold ones trousers up.

Shootin this context a competition of individuals striving to best one another with a shotgun, regardless of conditions.

Crab Buckle Shootthe unlikely combination of these three which occurs every year at the prime time of the first month of the New Year at the Del Norte Rod and Gun Club, Smith River, CA.  In case you didn’t recognize, the Del Norte Rod and Gun Club Continue reading

January 2020 Multiplex results are posted…

Scores and results are posted.  Results are final.

  • A lone 50/50 in handicap earned 1/2 yard and a chunk of money.
  • Over 59,150 targets were thrown including Sub-gauge.
  • 45 clubs
  • 450 shooters

February Multiplex runs February 2 -8, 2020.  Check the online calendar for a club near you.


Welcome new Central Handicap Committee Members-

The latest version of the PITA Rule Book is posted in the bottom right corner of this website.  PITA welcomes two new members to the Central Handicap/Rules Committee, Bob White for BC and James Klingele for WA.  Their contact information is on page 1 of the Rule Book.  We thank Art Fenton for his many years in the WA position and everyone will miss Leo Pike from BC.