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April 2021 Winter Multiplex

Multiplex results are posted for April on the RESULTS page and will be final Friday, April 16th at 10:00 PST.  Thank you shooters for your participation – another great turnout by all.  This ends the ‘Winter Season’ – Summer Season runs May, June, July & August.  High Over All winners will be posted soon.

High handicap score was 49/50 so if you were one of the 3 shooting a 49 you earned 1/2 yard – congratulations.


March 2021 Winter Multiplex

Multiplex results are posted for March on the RESULTS page and will be final Friday, March 19th at 10:00 PST.  Thank you shooters for your participation – another great turnout by all.

High handicap score was 48/50 so if you were one of the 6 shooting a 48 you earned 1/2 yard – congratulations.


February 2021 Winter Multiplex

Multiplex results are posted for February on the RESULTS page and are final.  Thank you shooters for your participation and a huge shout out to all those volunteers running these events – rain, shine and snow!

Newman once again threw the more targets – with 214 entries, followed by Livermore with 105 and Pawnee with 81.

Other stats:

  • One lone shooters shot 50/50 in handicap earning 1/2 yard and a nice payday!  Congratulations Kyle!!
  • 440 shooters participated at 33 clubs.
  • 57,100 targets thrown plus 1,650 sub-gauge singles targets.
  • Jason Varozza shooting at Lake County was High Over All with 147/150 (S-50, H-47, D-50).


2021 Grand Pacific…Golf cart update

2/5/21:  Golf Carts for Washington State Shoot and the Grand Pacific

The option to reserve a golf cart for either or both the Washington State Shoot and the Grand Pacific is available on Campspot (accessible on shootevergreen.com under heading camping reservations). Cart rental is $55.00 per day.

If you have not already made your campsite reservation, you can add the golf cart if you so desire.

If you have made your campsite reservation please call me because I will have to make an administrative adjustment to your reservation.  Please contact Joel Ball between the hours of 9am to 7pm at 360-790-0266.  Or you can email shootevergreen@gmail.com and provide all the details or provide me your contact info and I will contact you.

Thanks, I appreciate your understanding and patience.

Joel Ball, Evergreen Sportsmen’s Association


12/4/20 (updated 12/7/20): The following letter from Evergreen gives details to make your RV reservation.

Camping Reservations at Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club

We heard your frustrations about our “pencil and paper” debacle for managing our camping reservations so we are responding and moving into the 21th century. Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club has engaged with Campspot to develop an online reservation procedure for our camp sites. Continue reading

Announcing a New Adventure – PITA-wide Doubles Challenge

At the requests from a number of shooters wanting to shoot more doubles, the Executive Committee is happy to announce the PITA Doubles Challenge (PDC) a 500-target doubles marathon; a shooter may shoot up to 500 doubles targets at a club hosting a PDC event. The PDC Finale take place at the Grand Pacific. The kick off date for the PDC is February 1, 2021. Informational material has been sent to all PITA clubs.

The PDC is not mandatory; decision to host a PDC event is a club decision. PDC events may be offered as a stand-alone event or it may be offered in conjunction with a state/province doubles league/marathon. ATA Cross-Registration may be offered as a club option, club and is responsible for submitting forms and payments due. For details on the PDC, click here.

The Executive Committee hopes you will enjoy participating in the PDC events.

2021 BRB Voice Release Purchase Program

The Executive Committee wishes to announce the BRB Voice Release Purchase Program which will provide new BRB Voice Calls to be used at the Grand Pacific.  We are offering 24-wired sets and 3-wireless sets.  The wired sets will be used on the tournament traps, and the wireless sets will be used only on the practice traps.

Wired-sets are being offered for $990 per set (shipping fee included). Wireless sets are being offered for $1630 (shipping fee included). These prices are based on the manufacturer’s 2020 price per set.  If a club were to purchase a set from the manufacturer, based on 2020 manufacturer’s price, a wired-set would be $1175 with shipping, and a wireless-set would be $1875 with shipping.

The BRB Purchase Program offers a great deal with significant savings to clubs purchasing one or more sets.

To place your order or if you have questions, please contact Mike Riggs at riggsconstinc@gmail.com.

Payment will be required to confirm order.

January 2021 Winter Multiplex

The results are posted for January.  They are now final.  Congratulations to all the winners!

Newman once again set a record in attendance – with 95 shooters participating, followed by Yakima with 23 and Langley with 22.

Other stats:

  • Seven shooters shot 49/50 in handicap earning 1/2 yard.
  • 429 shooters participated at 31 clubs.
  • 57,150 targets thrown plus 2,250 sub-gauge singles targets.
  • Jason Nelson & Gerald Matys tied for High Over All with 144/150.


Milestone award update:

PITA Members,

As we look forward to a new (and hopefully improved) target year, we may still be faced with residual effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The PITA EC is preparing for a continued slow-down in service from some of our regular vendors, especially those businesses located in states/provinces with strict COVID-19 mandates.

With that in mind and to better serve the PITA membership, if you envision reaching a milestone during the 2021 target year, please notify the PITA office as soon as possible so that we can work with the vendor to estimate the necessary lead time for ordering and receiving your award in a timely manner.

Your understanding and patience is appreciated.

December 2020 Multiplex results are posted…

Scores and results are posted and final.  Payout checks for the Fall Season will be mailed soon so watch your mailbox and please cash/deposit your check when you receive it.  This helps in the accounting department.  If your PITA dues are not current or you earned over $600 this year your check may be held – contact Kay at 208-312-0314 for more details.

Congratulations to these HOA winners: 

  • Matt Coffin HOA – 567/600
  • CA – Robert Margarite 560/600
  • OR – Dean Rask 557/600
  • CO – Paul Dible 555/600
  • ID – Jim Cahoon 555/600
  • NV – Kenny Pirkle 545/600
  • BC – Dale Kapeluck 534/600
  • WA – Jim Adams 523/600
  • AK & HI were unable to complete all 4 months

These shooters will receive a custom PITA Multiplex pin (4-6 weeks for delivery).

December highlights:

  • Congratulations to the HOA winner – Kevin Davis – 144/150
  • There was one 50 in handicap (earned 1/2 yard)
  • 58,000 targets were thrown including Sub-gauge
  • 422 shooters
  • Newman Swamp Rats once again had the most entries (192) followed by Pawnee (86) and Langley (62)

If your club is not on the calendar for the  winter season (Jan-April) please email info@shootpita.com the dates immediately.

Hawaii cancels 2021 State Shoot

Due to Covid-19 the 2021 HI State Shoot has been cancelled – read more here: Cancellation of 2021 HI State Shoot.