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Congratulations 2021 PITA All Stars!!

Congratulations All Stars!

The 2021 All Star Teams have been announced.  Click here to see where you placed. Click here to see all the team members.

Did you know?

      • Fifty-four of the 55 spots were filled.
      • Nineteen All Stars shot over 10,000 targets each in 2021
      • Seventeen were standing at the 27 yard line at the end of 2021- eleven of the men’s teams, one of the ladies, one of the elders, two of the seniors, two of the veterans and two of the juniors.
      • Fifteen made the team for the 1st time!
      • Youngest on team – 9 years old Mitchell Dagher- oldest Art Fenton, 80 years young

2021 All Stars

The  2021 All Stars had some age calculations figured wrong. The corrected list will be posted Friday morning. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New EC Director

The Executive Committee received Director Tim Hodges’ resignation from the Board. Thank you, Tim, for your service on the Executive Committee. Michael Sargent (CA) will fill the vacancy on the EC, a two-year term. Welcome aboard, Michael.

Announcing a New PITA Association

Welcome New York State! NYS has officially joined the PITA. Officers have been elected as well as bylaws submitted. Officers are: President – Charles Sample II; Vice President – Mark Gallipeau; Secretary/Treasurer – Renee White; Trustee – Josiah Honan.

One shoot were held in the 2021 Target Year: October 27th (NYS Fall Invitational) at the Oakfield Rod & Gun Club.

Welcome New York State Trapshooters!

OSTA & WSPITA Address Change

OSTA & WSPITA have had address changes there are new forms on the forms page. Bob will get new multiplex as soon as possible.

P.O. BOX 2083
Lebanon, OR 97355

14751 N Kelsey St Ste 105-252
Monroe, WA 98272

2020 Financial Statements

We have recieved final financials from the accountant if you would like to see these click here. These will also be printed in the 2021 yearbook.

Fall Classic results…

PITA hopes you enjoyed the Fall Classic.  Click HERE for a list of the winners.  For more information and to see lewis results visit shootscoreboard.com.

PITA will be mailing added money and lewis payout as well as trophies that have been won.  If you have any questions or comments about the event please contact Mike Riggs, Fall Classic committe chair – 503-997-2449 or email info@shootpita.com.

White Flyer & PITA Randon Draw Winners

Club Draw

Bend – Robert Elliott
Fallon – Deb Main
Gig Harbor – William Kacenas
Juneau – Peter Hudson
LaGrande – Zachery Kimball
Newman – Bret Nelson
Redding – Dave Fruth
Twin Falls – Kay Klundt

All Entries Draw

Redding – Mac Robertson
Twin Falls – George Stevens
LaGrande – Chester Carter
Juneau – Jay Davis
Gig Harbor – Douglas Reimers
Twin Falls – Jeff Scott
Newman – Rick Freeman
Redding – Dale Hoaglund
Newman – Esther Puckett
Juneau – Victor Winters
Juneau – Jerry Burnett
Juneau – Rebecca Mann

Thanks for attending.


We have all seen localized increases in the number of Covid-19 cases within the past few months. This is a reminder that we all take the necessary precautions to safeguard our members as well as their families and friends. Please be mindful of the Covid policies in place at the clubs you shoot at. Be Safe – Stay Healthy!

August 2021 Multiplex concludes Summer Season…

Sorry this is late we had a tie for HOA for the Summer Multiplex Season.

Multiplex results are posted for August on the RESULTS page and are final.  Thank you shooters for your participation – another great turnout by all.  This ends the ‘Summer Season’ – Fall Season runs September, October, November & December.

High handicap score  for August was 50/50 so if you were one of the 2 shooting a 50 you earned 1/2 yard – congratulations.

Summer Multiplex High Over All winners are:

  • HOA – Jon Steman: 566/600 wso
  • AK – Jerry Godkin 563/600
  • BC – Lisa Salt: 530/600
  • CA – Jason Nelson 566/600
  • ID – Clay Brown 554/600
  • NV – Jason Homer 548/600
  • OR – Byron (Andy) Damewood 557/600
  • WA – Ed Munson 557/600

September 2021 Multiplex

The First month of the Fall Multiplex is complete.  Scores are posted on the results page – they are final.  Some of the highlights:

  • High Over All – Denis Bringelson (Pawnee) – 149/150
  • Earned Yardage – Dana Covert (CA), Denis Bringelson (CO), Terry Findley (CO) 50/50 for 1/2 yard
  • Triple Winners – Esther Puckett (CA), Tom Olsen (OR)
  • 31 clubs
  • 325 shooters
  • 43,800 targets