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Per the Bylaws of the Pacific International Trapshooting Association, we are required to meet at least once annually.  Generally, this meeting is held at the Grand Pacific but since we were unable to hold that event this year, we have had to find another way to meet.  The 2020 PITA Annual Meeting will be held via gotomeeting.com at 10 a.m. PST, on Saturday, October 24, 2020.

The main agenda item for the General Meeting is the election of Executive Committee members.  Four members are elected annually by a majority vote of the delegates and executive Committee members in attendance.  Those EC members whose terms are expiring is Betty Phipps, Patty Sargent, Mike Riggs, and Lonny Brown.  They have all agreed to run for another term, but we will also accept nominations from the floor.

While the elections are important, this is also a time for your state or province to raise issues, concerns, or ‘good of the order’ ideas for the association.  We understand this is a different form of meeting, but we will take the time to hear from everyone who wants to speak.

Each state and provincial organization is allowed to elect or appoint two delegates for the general meeting and they are then entitled to one (1) additional delegate for each one hundred (100) current members of this association residing within their respective state or province.  If you are interested in serving as a Delegate for your state or province, please contact your association President and/or Secretary.

If you would like to join the meeting contact me.

Jennifer Carter, PITA President – Phone: (503) 931-4211, Email: carter.d.j@hotmail.com

Allstar team requirements changing November 1, 2020:

ALL STAR REQUIREMENTS (Modified & Approved on August 5, 2020) 

Changes will be effective on November 1, 2020

Changes appear in bold font.

At the end of the target year, 11 five-person PITA All Star Teams consisting of one (1) top five team, two (2) men’s teams, two (2) ladies’ teams, one (1) veteran team (65-69 at the beginning of the target year), one (1) senior team (70-74 at the beginning of the target year), one (1) elder team (75 or older at the beginning of the target year), two (2) junior teams (under 18 at the beginning of the target year) and one (1) sub junior team (under 15 at the beginning of the target year) will be named by the PITA Administrative Office.


  1. Targets

16 Yard

Targets Required


Targets Required


Targets Required

Top five
































Selection of the All Star Teams is based on shooters’ ability as evidenced by his/her averages. The average is computed by dividing the sum of the singles average, handicap average and doubles average by three (3).

  1. Shooter must shoot at six (6) different clubs, PITA sanctioned events. Target requirements at each club: 100 Singles, 100 handicaps and 50 pair doubles. Targets must be shot during the same calendared-event. Exception: See major shoot target requirement.
  2. Shooter must shoot a minimum of three (3) major shoots.
    1. Major shoots are State and Provincial Championship Tournaments, the Western Canadian Championships, the Canadian Championships (when held in BC as a PITA shoot), the Grand Pacific, and the Fall Classic.
      1. Target requirement: High All Around events (200 Championship Singles, 100 Championship Handicap and 50 pair Championship Doubles).
    2. In the event that a major shoot event occurs at a club that a shooter may have previously registered targets at during the target year, the club(s) hosting these major events may be counted twice. 
  1. Cross-registered targets shot at an ATA sanctioned event, and submitted to the PITA, will count as targets shot; the club hosting the ATA event will not be counted in the six-club requirement.
  2. Registered fifty (50) bird events. Targets shot will count. The club will not be counted since the event does not meet the target requirement of 100 singles, 100 handicaps and 50 pair doubles.
    1. Shooting two (2) Multiplex events at the same club, either on the same day or twice during the same season (fall, winter or summer) will not count as having met the club target requirement.
    2. Shooting registered fifty-target events on consecutive days at a club will not count as having met the club target requirement.

Team placement will be determined as follows:

  1. All shooters not awarded a spot on the “top five” team shall be eligible for All Star Teams in any category for which he/she may be eligible; these being both gender and age related.
    1. To be eligible for the Top Five Team, a shooter in an age and/or a gender category, must have shot the required number of targets in order to be placed on the Top Five Team.
  1. In the case of being eligible for two teams (these being gender and age categories), the shooter, having met the target requirements for both teams, shall be awarded a position on one team only, determined by whichever team he/she placed highest. In case the shooter qualifies for two teams at the same position, he/she shall be awarded the position in the age-related category.


Fall Classic results…

The 2020 Fall Classic results are posted at www.shootscoreboard.com.  Click on the link to view the payouts for lewis, added money, trophy winners and much more.  The PITA provided trophies will be mailed soon as well as the PITA lewis and added money.  We hope you enjoyed the tournament.

September 2020 Multiplex results are posted…

Scores and results are posted.  Results are final September 25, 2020 10 am PST notify PITA of any errors before this time.  If your club is not on the calendar for the remaining months of the fall season please email info@shootpita.com the dates immediately.

  • Congratulations  Matt Coffin – HOA winner 149/150 (almost tied the record set by Bob Minetti – 150/150)
  • Two 50’s in handicap earned 1/2 yard
  • 51,850 targets were thrown including Sub-gauge
  • 366 shooters
  • Newman swamp rats had the most entries (Total=121: S=40, H=40, D=39, SG=2) followed by Lake Co, Pawnee and Wenatchee (Total= 59 each)

Updated 10/8/20: Shoot date changes…

Here are shoot date changes as well as cancellations/reschedules due to COVID-19 and other reasons. Latest changes in red.

If your club wishes to add shoots/marathons submit a ‘SHOOT APPLICATION FORM‘ to your State or Provincial Secretary for approval.

Remember – The 2021 target year starts November 1, 2020.  Shoot dates for 2021 are posted to the online calendar as they are approved by the State/Provincial Associations.

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Bob Dudley passing

We are very sorry to report the recent passing of long time trapshooter and friend, Bob Dudley of Scappoose, Oregon. Bob was born 10-20-17 and died 9-3-20, just shy of his 103rd birthday (paper article about his birthday). Bob was inducted into the ATA Hall of Fame in 1991 and the PITA Hall of Fame in 1995.  He was also featured on the cover of On Target Magazine in 2007. Bob was widely acquainted and highly respected by his trapshooting friends. He will be missed.  Here is the link to his obituary.

2021 Grand Pacific scheduled…

We are happy to announce that the PITA and Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club have signed a contract for the 2021 Grand Pacific (July 25th – 31st) and the 2022 Grand Pacific.

The club will be handling the RV and Golf Cart reservations beginning November 10, 2020. Reservation contact and info will be posted soon.

Thank you – Mike Riggs, PITA Site Committee Chair & Ron Hull, ESC President

Fall 2020 Multiplex

After some discussion concerning the upcoming Multiplex  season the following revisions have been approved by the Executive Board.

We will return to scheduling Multiplex events during the first full week of the month.  As scheduling conflicts arise for your club, please feel free to contact us (info@shootpita.com) to request exceptions.  Conflicts may include state and local rules about the current health crisis, a scheduled registered shoot on that weekend and no way to host a Multiplex during the week or a natural disaster such as fires/flooding, etc.

Clubs will no longer be able to link or use the Multiplex as an option during a calendar shoot.  This practice has led to many problems.  Multiplex events must be held separately and on different days from program events/shoots.

All paperwork and fees must be submitted in a timely manner (Rule Book, page 7). This has been a serious source of irritation from the beginning.  It causes the office to not be able to get results posted and scores recorded in the shooter data base in a timely manner effecting fellow shooters.

We will be returning to the practice of providing HOA awards starting at the Fall 2020 season.

Any questions concerning cashiering can be posed to Sue Brewer (sjbrewer40@gmail.com ), scheduling to Kay Klundt (info@shootpita.com) or general questions to Billy Myers (bydnsilly@hotmail.com ).  Thank you and good shooting.

2020 All-Stars Update 6/3/2020

Dear Members,

We’ve had many questions lately, regarding the 2020 All-Star Team criteria.  After much discussion, the Executive Committee has decided to leave the criteria alone, with one exception: The Fall Classic is now considered a MAJOR Shoot, for the purposes of All Star Team criteria.

While many states have canceled their State Championships, there are a few: Arizona, British Columbia, Colorado, Hawaii, and Idaho that have had, or are planning to have, their State/Provincial Championship this target year.  Washington will make a decision regarding their shoot, this coming Sunday. The Washington State shoot has been cancelled.

For now, these championship events, along with the Fall Classic, will allow people to still get two major shoots in and, as long as they meet the other criteria, work toward the All-Star Team.  Good Luck and Good Shooting!

Jennifer Carter, PITA President

PITA Grand Pacific Raffle

Drawing to be held at Grand Pacific (site to be determined) Friday July 30th, 2021 or earlier if tickets (1000) sell out. There will be 10 tickets drawn for prizes including 3 guns. Click here to view poster.

Previously sold and distributed tickets are still valid for this drawing.

To purchase tickets you can call Kay at 208-312-0314