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Yearbook update

Are there more opportunities to register targets now than 20 years ago?  You decided….

Number of scheduled shoots (Multiplex counted as one)
1997 6 3 3 10 18 22 25 25 12 23 20 5 172
2017 10 3 9 14 15 31 29 30 15 23 26 13 218
Number of shooting days (Multiplex counted as one)
1997 8 4 5 18 29 36 49 43 31 41 31 8 303
2017 15 3 13 18 27 55 54 63 34 54 53 19 408

Find this and other interesting trivia in the 2017 Average & History Book – hopefully completed and in the mail this month.  A few delays have occurred to hold up completion but we hope to have them fixed soon.  It is not too late to order a book – click HERE.

BRB Voice Release Purchase Program

2018 BRB Voice Release Purchase Program

Once again this year the PITA will be providing brand new wired BRB Voice Calls on every trap at the PITA Grand Pacific to be held at the Spokane Gun Club July 22-28, 2018.  We will be offering these 18-sets of very lightly used voice calls (used for the Grand Pacific only) to gun clubs for $870.00 per set, first come-first served – so don’t wait to order!  ONLY FOUR SETS STILL AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE (3/12/18)!  This is a great deal for essentially brand new BRB Voice Calls and they will sell fast.  Contact Mike Riggs at riggsconstinc@gmail.com or John Adams at jadams@eotnet.net to order. Payment will be required by March 31st.

1st 125 club in 2018….

Congratulations to this squad.  First 125 Club squad in 2018 – Big Island Trap Club – Hawaii State Shoot.

Fred Hoven (WA), Dave Kelly (CA), Tommy Kushima (HI), Mark Hironaga (HI), Grant Lau.

To see all the 125 squads, click HERE.

Fee changes effective March 1, 2018

Notice:  Effective March 1 the PITA daily fee will be $4.00 and annual membership fees increase to $25.  New forms are available on the forms page.

Results from Hawaii State Shoot

Day one of the Hawaii State shoot is history.  Click here to see results.  This links to a scores website that Kay is posting to each night.  Congratulations Spud – 100 in singles! Only a few of these have been shot at Big Island Trap Club.  Boone Heinz and Dave Kelly tied in the handicap event.  Saturday concluded with Dave Kelly having the high score in doubles – 99.  Hawaiian shooters Earl Higa and Sidney Akiona topped the leader board in handicap with 94’s.

  • Championship Singles: HI Champion-Nicholas Corbat-199, Non Resident: Bob McLendon (WA)-199
  • Championship Doubles: Champion: Dave Kelly (CA)-98, HI Champion-Nicolas Corbat-90
  • Championship Handicap: Champion: Trevor Herb (OR)-94, HI Champion-Emiliano Achaval-93
  • High All Around: Trevor Herb/Bob McLendon (tie)-383, HI Champion-Nicholas Corbat-378
  • High Over All: Dave Kelly (CA)-763, HI Champions-Nicholas Corbat-735