REFERENCE:  Change to Rule Book Section A, page 5. Information: Aid to State/Provincial Associations.

A review of the PITA budget during a scheduled meeting of the Executive Committee on December 20, 2017 found that an increase in daily fees and membership fees was necessary in order to cover the ongoing costs of operation for the PITA.  As such, by unanimous vote, the daily fee charged to participants of a registered competition was increased from three dollars ($3.00) to the sum of four ($4.00) dollars per day, effective March 1, 2018.  In addition, the Executive committee, also by unanimous vote, increased the annual memberships fee from twenty dollars ($20) to twenty-five dollars ($25), life memberships will also increase from four hundred ($400) to six hundred ($600) as of March 1, 2018.

These fees have been unchanged for the last seven years and it is the hope of the PITA Executive Committee that this change will cover our day-to-day operations for many years to come.

Please make your club/members aware of these changes.  New reporting forms will be posted on the forms page March 1st.


Kay Reynolds, Executive Secretary

Results are posted!  All scores/results are final.  Scores of 49/50 in the handicap earned 1/2 yard so be sure you stand at the correct place at your next event.

This was a record event – 70,700 targets shot in the 12 gauge events at 51 different clubs.  There were 535 contestants which breaks the previous record of 485 – up by 50!  PITA thanks those clubs/volunteers/shooters that made this happen.

Highlights of the January event:

  • 70,700 targets shot at 51 clubs (does not include the Sub-Gauge events)
  • 18 perfect scores in singles, none in handicap and one in doubles
  • 49’s earned 1/2 yard in handicap – Congratulations! (be sure your average card is punched)
  • 3,850 sub-gauge targets shot at 3 OR clubs, 3 ID clubs, 2 WA clubs, 1 HI club, 5 CA clubs, 1 CO club, 2 NV club and 1 BC club – 77 shooters
  • Pawnee in CO registered the most target (option at Del Norte excluded) – 3,600 in 12 ga and 750 in sub-gauge
  • Clubs with the most targets in each State/Province are (includes Sub-Gauge):
    • AK (1 club) – Juneau (900)
    • AZ (1 club) – Yuma (1000)
    • BC (5 clubs) – Nanaimo (1,950)
    • CA (10 clubs) – Livermore (3,300), Del Norte (option at shoot) (7,200)
    • CO (1 clubs) – Pawnee (3,600)
    • HI (2 clubs) – Big Island Trap Club (option at regular shoot) (1,900)
    • ID (5 clubs) – Boise (1,650)
    • NV (8 clubs) – Winnemucca (1,950)
    • OR (10 clubs) – Hillsboro (2,400)
    • WA (8 clubs ) – Yakima – (1,850)

The last shoot of the winter season is February 3 or 4 – checks for Jan/Feb will be mailed after that event is complete.


In an effort to squelch some of the rumors that are floating around, I would like to let everyone know what is going on with a rule proposal involving alcohol at PITA shoots.

The PITA Executive Committee  has recently been discussing the need for a rule that addresses the consumption of alcohol or non-prescription drugs PRIOR TO OR DURING a PITA Sanctioned event. This rule would have no bearing on what a shooter does after the competition has ended for the day.  In no way is the PITA proposing a ban on alcohol. We are simply putting, into the rule book, a formal statement of what 99.9% of the shooters are already doing.

Rules of this type are not uncommon in any sporting association, let alone one whose main component is a gun.  The rule has not been formalized yet.  The entire PITA Central Handicap and Rules Committee (which includes the Executive Committee) will meet on Thursday night (2/8/18) to discuss. 

We will keep you posted as to the outcome of that meeting. 

Jennifer Carter, PITA President.

We are  happy to announce that the PITA Grand Pacific will be returning to the Spokane Gun Club for 2018.  Mark you calendar for July 22 through 28, 2018 and start making your plans to attend!

We are taking RV reservations and preference will be given to those who had spaces last year so contact Sue Brewer right away to reserve your space.  The deadline to do so is February 15, 2018.  After that date, all unreserved spaces will be open for anyone to reserve.  Call 541-619-9393 or email

As always, we will need volunteers for everything from driving the taxi to helping with raffles and refereeing doubles.  If you are interested in volunteering for anything, please contact Jennifer Carter – 503-931-4211 or click here to email.