Craba marine crustacean of which worldwide 1.5 million metric tons are consumed annually.

Bucklea common device which binds two ends of fabric or belt, often used to hold ones trousers up.

Shootin this context a competition of individuals striving to best one another with a shotgun, regardless of conditions.

Crab Buckle Shootthe unlikely combination of these three which occurs every year at the prime time of the first month of the New Year at the Del Norte Rod and Gun Club, Smith River, CA.  In case you didn’t recognize, the Del Norte Rod and Gun Club
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The Yearbook is almost ready for the printer – order your copy before January 20, 2020 to save the additional postage charge.  The book is ordered on the membership form – click ‘order your copy‘ for a direct link to this page and then use the US or Canada membership form to order.

Congratulations to cover club – Myrtle Point Sportsman’s Club – Myrtle Point, OR.

This 264 page book contains many things including

  • Averages
  • State/Provincial Shoot results
  • Shooters photos
  • Facts and trivia
  • 2019 All Star Teams
  • Milestones received
  • Club directory
  • and more………….


Message from the Executive Committee

1/16/20 UPDATE:

Medford:  Candlewood Suites is offering special pricing to shooters attending any of the Medford shoots this year – including the Grand – click here for details.

1/13/20 UPDATES:

Need an RV reservation for the Grand Pacific?  Space is limited at both locations so do not delay.  Same goes for hotel reservations – book early!

The Site Selection Committee has been working on the 2020 site for the Grand since late August. Two clubs were invited to host the 2020 Grand, only one responded.  It became evident during negotiations with Spokane GC that we could not come to an equitable agreement – one that benefited the shooters, the hosting club and the PITA.

Once again, we are heading down a path that has been traveled before – a Grand Pacific hosted at two sites.  This decision was reached by the EC at the 2-day meeting held at Medford GC on October 24-25.  Three clubs were asked to consider hosting the 2020 Grand.  Two clubs have committed to hosting the Grand, the Medford Gun Club and the Hillsboro Trap & Skeet Club.    Contract negotiations are underway.  Coming soon information on RV reservations (to be done by host clubs) and PreSquad – keep an eye on the PITA website.

There may be challenges but they are not insurmountable!  You have an EC that is dedicated to presenting a Grand benefiting the shooter as well as the host clubs.  You are the foundation for the Grand – it is your shoot.  We welcome your assistance and input as we work on the logistics for providing a Grand at the two sites.  Join us in welcoming and thanking the Medford Gun Club & Hillsboro Trap & Skeet Club for hosting the 2020 Grand Pacific.  Let’s make this a positive experience for us all – you the shooter, management at Medford & Hillsboro clubs, and the PITA.

Jennifer, Betty, Mike, Bob, Billy, Lonny, Patty, Brian, Gary, Steve, Kay & Sue

Below are changes to the small tan 2020 pocket schedule – please note:

  • 2/16/2020 – 2019 CA Series Awards will be held at the Livermore shoot (CA)
  • 3/8/2020 – Cowichan VISL (BC) – missed on the schedule printing
  • 3/21/2020 – Add: Capitol City Gun Club – Carson City, NV
  • 3/27-29/2020 – Add: Hermiston (OR) – ODC on 3/27
  • 6/5-7/2020 moved to 6/12-14 – Hillsboro (OR)
  • 6/13/2020 – Add: Capitol City Gun Club – Carson City, NV
  • 6/13-14/2020 – Add: Spring Creek Trap & Skeet – Elko, NV – NEW PITA CLUB!!
  • 6/13-14/2020 – Add: Pocatello (ID)
  • 6/27-28/2020 – Add: Seattle Skeet & Trap (WA)
  • 7/11-12/2020 – Vancouver (BC) – missed on the schedule printing
  • &/18-19/2020 – Cancel: Pocatell0 (ID) – moved to June 13-14
  • 8/1/2020 – Add: Capitol City Gun Club – Carson City, NV
  • 10/17/2020 – Add: Capitol City Gun Club – Carson City, NV

If your club wishes to add shoots/marathons submit a ‘SHOOT APPLICATION FORM’ to your State or Provincial Secretary for approval.

Remember – All 2021 shoot applications are due by June 30, 2020 to be included in the printed pocket schedule.  The 2021 target year starts September 1, 2020.  The 2020 shoot dates are now posted on the online calendar.

Check out the RESULTS page for December multiplex scores and lewis winners.  All results are final.  Checks for the Fall Season will be mailed next week so watch your mailbox and HELP US OUT….cash/deposit your winnings and any past checks immediately ~ thank you.

CONGRATULATIONS to the High Over All winners – you will receive a custom HOA Multiplex pin in about 6 weeks (custom production time).

  • HOA – Jason Nelson (Newman)- 564
  • AK – Mer’Chant Thompson (Juneau) – 530
  • BC – Peter Ahrens (Nanaimo) – 543
  • CA – Robert Anderson (Yreka) – 557
  • CO – Trevor Vaughn (Pawnee) – 542
  • HI – Jay Nakamura (Maui) – 525
  • ID – Jim Cahoon (Pocatello) – 556
  • NV – Rich Adams (Spring Creek) – 537
  • OR- Dean Rask (Madras) – 549
  • WA – TJ Main – 542

The RANDOM DRAW winners for the Fall 2019 season are David Lang, Billy Myers, Larry Reynolds, Jay Nakamura, John Helpman, Charles Rich and Justin Kittelson.  Please email to let us know your choice of prize – either a $25.00 Sportman’s Warehouse gift card or a $25 PITA gift certificate to be used for membership or at the next Multiplex event you attend.  Prizes must be claimed by January 31, 2020.

Winter Multiplex starts in January – is your club listed on the online calendar?  If not register by email today with

The latest version of the PITA Rule Book is posted in the bottom right corner of this website.  PITA welcomes two new members to the Central Handicap/Rules Committee, Bob White for BC and James Klingele for WA.  Their contact information is on page 1 of the Rule Book.  We thank Art Fenton for his many years in the WA position and everyone will miss Leo Pike from BC.

11/15/19:  The PITA Hall of Fame committee has announced today the 2020 PITA Hall of Fame Induction will be held at the Washington State shoot in Evergreen in July, dates are July 8-12.

Further details will be forthcoming when the 2020 Inductees are announced and details are finalized.

Our recent bank reconciliation shows the PITA has a number checks issued to shooters that were neither cashed or deposited – UPDATED 11/5/19.  If you have such a check please cash or deposit it.   If your name appears on this list (click here) please call Kay at 208-312-0314 today.   Thanks for your help with this matter.

Congratulations All Stars!

The 2019 All Star Teams have been announced.  Click here to see all the team members.

Did you know?

      • Four All Stars shot over 10,000 targets each in 2019
      • Twenty nine were standing at the 27 yard line at the end of 2019 – all of the men’s teams, two of the ladies, two of the elders, three of the seniors, four of the veterans and three of the juniors.
      • Fifteen made the team for the 1st time!
      • $3,200 in scholarships were awarded by PITA YES to the junior and sub-junior team members.  If you would like to donate to this great program contact
      • Youngest on team – 12 year old Cory Walker – oldest Bob Kennedy, 86 years young