Ridgedale Rod & Gun Club first PITA shoot since 1974.

Really nice trophy package, produced by Olson in Canada at very competitive pricing, for Blair Duncan and Cory Boileau.  Trap Division officers, Brian Fooks and Dave Graham are intending to make this an annual event at this time of the year, before the year’s farming gets intense!

There were 53 shooters and 5 events!  Great turnout for the best 2-trap club in BC!  All white Caldwell targets with a similar background to KWA #2 Trap or SVIR #4.

In the photos:

Brian Fooks handing out the trophies.

Pat Bare, Trish Fern, Jamie White; Luca Sekela (with both Brian and Dave Graham).




Gig Harbor Sportsman’s Club teams up with Sumner Sportsman’s Association – 200 singles combined event.

You must shoot singles at Sumner at their 4/14 shoot followed by shooting singles at Gig Harbor’s 4/15 shoot. Participants shooting both will be entered in a random draw of three teams of three shooters per team. A $1200 total purse for this event will be divided

  • 1st place team $250 per team member
  • 2nd place team $100 per team member
  • 3rd place team $50 per team member

Both clubs are hoping this collaboration will improve attendance for both clubs shooting the same weekend. Please look at our shoot programs for more information.

It was a big day for the Douglas Ridge Youth Shotgun Team at the March 31 Canby Tournament.

The results (click here):

In singles, Lance Moser took a C-Class win with a 96/100.  Lance also shot his first 25 straight in competition so everyone at the tournament got together to shoot his hat.  Great job Lance!  Dylan Nelson took the Junior win with a 93/100.

Wyatt Copeland shot an 88/100 in the Handicap event to take the Junior title.  In Doubles, Wyatt Copeland took the B-Class win with an 86/100 and Dylan Nelson took the Junior win with an 81/100.

High Overall (HOA) for the day were Wyatt Copeland in B-Class with a 261/300; Dylan Nelson took the junior trophy with a 259/300; and Lance Moser came home with a C-Class trophy for his 248/300.  The HOA trophies were one troy ounce bars of silver.  Very Shiny.  Great Job Guys!!

Of note, we now have a couple of adult club members joining the DRRC Team at the tournaments.  I’m very pleased with this development.  These fellas have been coming out to shoot with us at the club and have enjoyed watching the youth team develop. They’ve developed friendships with the kids and the families and it took very little arm twisting to get them join us in competition.  This was their second Tournament with the team and they signed up for the next tournament, so I think they are enjoying it.

Notice to all gun club managers.  Right after trash removal, reloading the houses and putting the voice calls away should be, send shooter’s scores to the Secretary.  They are not official until she gets them so any delay directly affects the accuracy of a shooter’s averages/classification and/or yardage.  Send them by email if possible the next day, money can always be sent later.  For those using the 3S cashier system email all of the backup files or ask your cashier to do so.  Need help, do not hesitate to ask – kay@shootpita.com – (208) 312-0314.

Don’t be responsible for a shooter being miss classified at his next shoot because you were slow in sending the Secretary your last shoot report.  Often shooters will shoot on consecutive weekends and a late report causes mistakes in averages/classifications or yardage.


PITA Executive Committee

Yearbooks will be mailed May 13th – we apologize for the delay.

Are there more opportunities to register targets now than 20 years ago?  You decided….

Number of scheduled shoots (Multiplex counted as one)
1997 6 3 3 10 18 22 25 25 12 23 20 5 172
2017 10 3 9 14 15 31 29 30 15 23 26 13 218
Number of shooting days (Multiplex counted as one)
1997 8 4 5 18 29 36 49 43 31 41 31 8 303
2017 15 3 13 18 27 55 54 63 34 54 53 19 408

Find this and other interesting trivia in the 2017 Average & History Book – now at the printer.  It is not too late to order a book – click HERE.