PITA Achievement Awards

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If you have earned an achievement award please contact the PITA office at info@shootpita.com

1st 100 straight Pin presented when achieved
1st 200 straight Pin presented when achieved
1st time reaching the 27 yard line Pin presented when achieved
PITA 400 pin Pin presented when achieved Awarded for achieving 200 straight in singles, 100 straight in handicap and 100 straight in doubles.
All Star Team Requirements are on page 2-4 of the PITA Rulebook. Pin & cap presented at State/Provincial Shoots. Jackets to the top five, top lady, veteran, senior and elder presented at the Grand Pacific. Shooting gear and scholarships (provided by YES) to junior and sub-juniors presented at the Grand Pacific.
High Over All PITA supplies this pin to all clubs hosting registered shoots to award at each shoot.
High Over All Class PITA supplies these pins to all clubs hosting registered shoots to award at each shoot.
High Over All Team New award beginning 2007, based on all targets shot during the current target year. Awarded to AA-D classes in each State/Province. Minimum target requirements: Singles=1,700 Handicap=1,700 Doubles =1,100
Most registered targets shot in the target year for each State and Province New award beginning 2007, pins are presented at the State/Provincial shoots. New for 2022 target year to achieve this award you must shoot 1000 Singles 1000 Handicap & 500 Doubles. Miscellaneous states (COMBINED) will also be included as long as they shoot the target requirements.
50,000 registered targets pewter pin Target counts are done by the PITA office on request. Target totals from 2000 to current are available at the Shooters Scores Center link. Pins are presented at the shoot of your choice. Please allow 4-6 weeks for pin presentation.
100,000 registered targets pin
150,000 registered targets vermeil pin
200,000 registered targets pin, bolo tie or pendant with coin
250,000 registered targets money clip with coin or bracelet
300,000 registered targets custom leather shooting bag
350,000 registered targets watch or mantel clock
400,000 registered targets buckle with coin
450,000 registered targets money clip with coin
500,000 registered targets bronze plaque
AA-27-AA New award beginning in 2007. Pin will be presented at a major shoots. Shooters must submit a copy of their average card with the 1,000 singles scores and 1,000 doubles scores circled that qualify them for AA classification.

blueandgold 3pins pitasmallbuckle silverandgold aa hat mousepad silverbuckle

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