Bad weather didn’t slow down the more than 400 shooters who participated this month.  View the results and let us know of any errors or omissions before the deadline Friday, January 8th (10:00 a.m. PST)  (click HERE to view).  While perfect scores were posted in singles 49’s ruled in handicap and doubles.  Kevin Davis (Pawnee) and Larry Fine (Redding) earned 1/2 yard  & $406 for their scores of 49/50.  Congratulations to Kevin Davis – HOA winners this month with 146/150.  Triple winners are Ed Knebel, David Lange & Jay Lange.

Thanks to everyone – both shooters and scorekeepers for making this event a success.

We are pleased to announce White Flyer will be sponsoring the Multiplex.  They are providing the random draw prizes awarded after the final event in February.

The next event is scheduled for February 6 or 7, check the listing for the club near you.

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