Join us in congratulating the 2014 P.I.T.A. All Stars (click the word All Stars).  You will see many new names on the list this year with some very impressive averages.

The high averages were accomplished by:

Men: Singles-Gary Bonetti .9904, Handicap-Dave Kelly .9317 and Doubles-John Mullins .9714

Ladies: Singles-Julie Spindler .9708, Handicap-Julie Spindler .9150 and Doubles-Lisa Salt .9192

Veterans: Singles-Dex Tourville .9856, Handicap-Daro Handy .9474 and Doubles-Marty DeVries .9472

Juniors: Singles-Chayton Vega .9759, Handicap-Andreas Borgesen .9340 and Doubles-Chayton Vega .9200

Congratulations to the 2014 CSTA Series Awards winner.  Buckles were awarded to the winners at the Annual Series Awards Shoot, held at Coon Creek this year.  Random shooters in attendance won flats of ammo donated by CA PITA gun clubs.

NOTICE: Rule changes effective 11-1-14

There are rule changes/clarifications effective Saturday, November 1, 2014.  The new Rule Book is here!

  1. Section A. Clarification about renewing memberships late in the shoot year.
  2. Doubles average based on the last 1,000 targets (was 800) and classification percentages revised. The new classification guide can be found on the FORMS page.
  3. All references to Senior Veteran to be replaced by the term “Senior”, abbreviated “SR”.
  4. Cross registration of targets updated to reflect each Association’s current rules.

The 2015 online CALENDAR and the printable PDF copy are complete.  The pocket schedule is printed and will be mailed with your renewal notice or average card.  They will also be available at your club.  Please verify the accuracy of  the shoot dates for your club.  It is also a good time to view the CLUB page and update your listing information.

From Kent Harris – Boise, Idaho – October 18, 2014

Hi everyone, over the years I have come into possession of a large number of PITA yearbooks (average books).  I would like to share these with fellow shooters (or gun clubs) who might need certain years to complete (or add to) their collections.

I have a large number of some years and only a few of others so it is first come – first served.  Get what you want right away.  The yearbooks are free but I would appreciate it if you would repay the postage after you get them.

Here is the list of what I have:    1960-62-63-64-65-66-67-68-69-70-71-72-73-74-75-76-77-78-79-80-81-82-83-84-85-86-87-88-89-90-91-92-93-94-95-96-97-98-99-2000-01-02-03-04-05-07-12.

I also have a few ATA average books if anyone would like them:  67-71-72-73-74-84-85-86-87-90-91-93-95-96-97-98-05.

After this is posted on the PITA site I will wait about a month, and if I still have books, I will go on to to reach a different audience.  I would like to have everything given away by the first of the year.

 I would also hope that none of these items show up on the web for sale.

 If you would like any of these items, let me know right away.  I can be reached at:


Regular mail:  3717 W. Custer Dr.  Boise, Idaho.  83705

Phone:  1-208-345-0711

Remember, it is first come – first served, especially on the older yearbooks.  Hope you all winter well.  Break a target for me.

Best wishes, Kent Harris.

For those of you that like to pre-pay your entry fees here is the prepay form!  You can print the form, complete your events/options (don’t forget to include your $5 pre-squad fee)….total it up and either mail with your check (before July 7th) or scan/fax (541-258-8555) then phone with your credit card number (541-258-8766).    When you arrive at the shoot you must go to the handicap table for classification.  They will have a copy of the paid entry form receipt for you.  If you have questions please call or email

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