Click here to review your February event scores – notify or call 541-258-8766 before Saturday 2/8 to report any errors.  Scores are final Saturday, Feb 8th at 10:00 a.m.  The checks will be mailed Februrary 11th.

 Come join in the fun!


The WINTER MULTIPLEX started the first weekend of October and was held the 1st weekend of Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb for a total of 750 targets.  Each month shooters registered 50 singles, 50 handicap and 25 pair of doubles.  A Multiplex HOA Name Tag is awarded to the HOA winner in each State/Province.  You must shoot all 750 targets to qualify.  Shoot 100 targets at all 5 events and be eligible to win various prizes (randomly drawn).

Congratulations to the WINTER MULTIPLEX high over all winners.  Each of these shooters will receive a custom Multiplex HOA name tag.

  • High Over All: Audie Norbury (Ukiah) 721
  • BC – Don Reynolds(Kamloops) 629
  • CA-Randy Bratton (Ukiah) 696
  • CO-Dale Lebsock (Pawnee) 657
  • ID-Trevor Ogle (Pocatello) 665
  • NV-Greg McMillen (Fallon) 688
  • OR-Craig Wharton (Hillsboro) 677
  • WA-Patrick Ryan (Wenatchee) 638

Click here to see more of the top scores.

Random draw winners:

  • Dave Carr (Kamloops)
  • Patrick Ryan (Wenatchee)
  • Cody Van Patten (Mason Valley)
  • Kerry Cooper (Pawnee)
  • Tina Black (Winnemucca)
  • Greg Sanderson (South Okanagan)
  • Richard Bennett (Eel River)

Each of the random draw winners will received a $25 Cabela’s gift card.

To schedule your club for the Summer Season or for more information email or call 541-258-8766

Please remember you can only enter the Multiplex events once per month  (i.e. you can not shoot it one day at one location and the next day at another)

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