On Saturday and Sunday, March 14 and 15, Old Skagit held their second shoot of the 2015 PITA target year and their first shoot using White Flyer targets.  Saturday’s 300 singles gave ample opportunity under a variety of conditions to judge the quality of the clays.  The first event was shot with a strong wind, the second event had heavy downpours of rain, and finally for the last event of the day the sun came out! The high total for the day was a 291 shot by Doug Reimers.  On Sunday the weather just settled in and yielded a steady downpour for the doubles and handicap events.  Chuck Manning had the best score in doubles with his 96 and junior shooter Sean Miller didn’t seem to mind the conditions while shooting the high score of 95 in handicap.  Bruce Locke came down from Canada to take the HOA honors with his 471 for the two days of shooting.  Congratulations to everybody.

3_15_15 Sean Miller receives trophy from Jungquist A little more about junior shooter Sean Miller.  He has been trap shooting for about 6 months, shooting most of his targets at the Kenmore club.  He has participated in the PITA Multiplex but this was his first venture into a regular registered shoot.  Quite a way to start by shooting the top score for the handicap event and receiving his first punch.

Submitted by Sherry Greene

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(photo Sean Miller receives trophy from Steve Jungquist)

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