Multiplex results are posted for March on the RESULTS page.  We are still computing the sub gauge.  Thank you shooters for your participation and a huge shout out to all those volunteers running these events Рrain, shine and snow!

  • Please be sure to check your yardage. Earned yaradge goes as follows:
    Earned Yardage: 49 1 YD Mike Phillips
    48’s 1 YD Gerald Matys & Shara Green
    47’s 1/2 YD Richard Wood, Dale Kinzel, Daryl Kindvall, Terry Findley,
    Ed Pedersen, Beau Nyrehn
    Murry Deforrest, Matt James, and Rick Bradshaw
  • 335shooters participated at 32clubs.
  • 44,100 targets thrown plus 1300 sub-gauge singles targets.
  • Beau Nyrehn shooting at Spring was High Over All with 144/150

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