Congratulations All Stars! 

The 2023 All-Star Teams have been announced.  Click here to see where you placed. Click here to see all the team members. If you see something that needs to be changed or checked on please call Kay at (208) 312-0314.

Did you know?

      • Forty-eight of the 55 spots were filled.
      • Twenty-three All-Stars shot over 10,000 targets each in 2023
      • Twenty-five were standing at the 27-yard line at the end of 2023- fifteen of the men’s teams, two of the ladies, oneof the elders, four of the seniors, and three of the veterans.
      • Ten made the team for the 1st time!
      • Youngest on the team – 11-year-old Mitchell Dagher- oldest Art Fenton, 82 years young.

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