We know most of you use the the 3S Software Pro. SOS Clays is an internet based program. This program will be free to Clubs & Shoot Managers. Those of you that don’t have access to internet where you cashier can use an older version of 3S if available if not call me and I will get you an excel spreadsheet.

Good Afternoon Club Managers and Shoot Managers.

Happy New Year!  2023 is the year clubs and Shoot Managers stop paying for Shoot Management Software! Our latest program sheet is attached.

We have done extensive testing in 2022, as most of you know, managing State Shoots Satellite Grands and smaller shoots.

Here is an update on where we are at in our development:

Functionality put live in last 30 days:

  1. PITA – shooter info, including history, has been added to allow for PITA sanctioned shoots and to allow for cross-registration at either PITA or ATA shoots.  This greatly helps our friends in the Western part of the US.
  2. Presquad.com validation – The system now performs a validation after the import completes to compare the submitted .csv data against the squad database and will list any errors found.
  3. ATA Membership field always active – Even if membership is current, you can sell additional years or add additional memberships like AIM or T&F.
  4. Shoot status field – In the shoot details tab, a new shoot status field provides options for Draft or Published. It must be set to Published for the shoot to show up in the public lists shown shooters. If you are setting up a shoot for training, please keep the status as draft.
  5. Negative values in ad hoc payouts – This allows you to make a negative adjustment to a shooter’s option payouts.
  6. Shooter paid vs shot report – Event by event report showing target fees collected vs. shot to pinpoint target fees collected descrepancies.
  7. Start dates are now listed on the shoots list
  8. Targets Only option in classification – You can now designate a handicap shooter that doesn’t want to take penalty yardage.  Options and trophies are disabled for the shooter.  On Handicap Hi Gun list, a “TO” is listed next to their score.
  9. Cross-registration checkbox – Shooters/Classifiers can select cross registration in the classification screen now. Shooters that request xreg after purchasing need to be refunded and repurchase to get fees properly configured.
  10. Shoot Financial report cross-registration updates – XREG columns added at the bottom of the report
  11. Pending Orders Report – This adds the new shoot-level report that identifies pending orders and lets you click to go to the associated cart.
  12. Classification Historical Data ATA / PITA update – If a shooter has both an ATA number and PITA number, both yardages will be displayed in the Classification section and the longer of the two will be populated into the recommended handicap yardage box.
  13. Squadding page shooter search – This is the initial implementation of the shooter search on the squadding page. Shoot Managers can find another shooter while squadding a shooter who wants to squad with them.  The squad with the shooter will be presented with the searched shooter post highlighted.
  14. Squad Roster report – This is a new event-level report showing the squad details. It also added a new print icon in the squadding page that will allow you to print squads from there.
  15. Dynamic yardage group minimum – In shoot setup, under classification, this allows the shoot manager to select the lowest yardage group, with values down to 16.0 instead of 19 yard being the lowest possible yardage.
  16. Auto-refresh shoot data – This automates the refresh of data when code changes require a refresh of the data to work properly. It also prompts app users to upgrade their app version via a refresh when the system detects they’re running on a version of the app that is behind the latest deployed version. That prompt shows up as a red button in the top right corner of the screen.

Functionality currently in 60-day development cycle:

  1. SOS Presquad functionality – It will allow all shooters to presquad for a shoot listed on the SOS system via our website at www.sosclays.com.  We are planning a test launch in the first weeks of February and hope to make it available to everyone March 1st.
  2. Squadding, find a specific post – Select which post a shooter wants to squad at and show only those squads , event by event.
  3. Squadding, squad 2-5 people together – Select which post a shooter wants to squad at, then add up to 4 additional shooters to their posts, and show only those squads that will accommodate the group, event by event.
  4. Straight-Thru Squadding – Using either functionality in #2 or #3 above, find only those squads that can accommodate the shooter(s) across all events for the same squad number.
  5. Print checks to external organizations as a group – cut the check to the ATA and PITA for daily fees, state Assocations, and for state shoots, a check to the Hall of Fame.
  6. Classification – Classes – Have ability to have different number of classes for Singles vs. Doubles.
  7. Build out progressive option functionality for Jackpot 50s
  8. Maryland Modified Lewis Option
  9. Add Barcode Scanning to the system
  10. Cashiering – Select All functionality – Choose all events at a particular target fee & Lewis all events & all options
  11. Functionality for identifying Options paid over $600 per shoot

We also still have over 20 additional enhancement requests on the list, we will get to them as quickly as possible.

Team functionality and Trophy Determination will be on the development cycle after we finish the above 11 items.  We currently have export capabilities to Todd Alber’s Shoot Winners software.

I would also like to announce the hiring of Regional SOS Clays Shoot Management Experts to support our Shoot Managers, Clubs and Shooters:

Linda Hand – Southwestern states
Sandra Mcallister – Plains states
January 2023 – Bob McLendon – Northwestern states
Midwest states – TBD
Northeast states – TBD
Southeast states – TBD

We are setting up a central phone number to allow everyone to reach support 7 days a week.

Looking forward to working with all of you during the 2023 Shoot year!


Gregory A. Pink

SOS Clays
Shotgun Sports Management
Henderson, NV
847.984.8500 Ext. #102
Family Owned & Operated


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