2/5/21:  Golf Carts for Washington State Shoot and the Grand Pacific

The option to reserve a golf cart for either or both the Washington State Shoot and the Grand Pacific is available on Campspot (accessible on shootevergreen.com under heading camping reservations). Cart rental is $55.00 per day.

If you have not already made your campsite reservation, you can add the golf cart if you so desire.

If you have made your campsite reservation please call me because I will have to make an administrative adjustment to your reservation.  Please contact Joel Ball between the hours of 9am to 7pm at 360-790-0266.  Or you can email shootevergreen@gmail.com and provide all the details or provide me your contact info and I will contact you.

Thanks, I appreciate your understanding and patience.

Joel Ball, Evergreen Sportsmen’s Association


12/4/20 (updated 12/7/20): The following letter from Evergreen gives details to make your RV reservation.

Camping Reservations at Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club

We heard your frustrations about our “pencil and paper” debacle for managing our camping reservations so we are responding and moving into the 21th century. Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club has engaged with Campspot to develop an online reservation procedure for our camp sites.

As of Thursday, 12/03/2020, at 4pm the Campspot site will be live and ready for you to make your reservations.  This online reservation procedure is the only way camping reservations will be processed.  You have to complete the process, from selecting dates, to choosing your camp site and making a payment in full. The office personnel at Evergreen cannot make reservations!

For those of you who believe you have a reserved camping site based on past dialogue with personnel at Evergreen, I have placed administrative holds on camp sites from the documentation I have.  You will have to make your own reservation. But first, you must contact me prior to going online to make your reservation so I can remove the administrative hold. You will need to act quickly once the administrative hold has been removed – at this point, the site becomes available to anyone. Remember – the only reservations which will be honored are those made online!

FYI: All remaining administrative holds will be removed on 12/30/2020. if you have not registered online by then, all unregistered/unreserved sites will be made available.

  • How to make your online reservations:

Log in to our website:  shootevergreen.com

On the header row, you will see “Camping Reservations”.  Click on this.

  • Key steps to make a successful reservation.

All reservations must be paid in full at the time reservation in made.  Refunds will be issued if the shoot is cancelled and if the border is closed Canadians will be issued refunds.

Each reservation must be completed, including payment, before a second reservation can be made.

For example, if you plan to camp for the Washington State Shoot and the Grand Pacific, those are two stand-alone events and must be reserved as such.

Select your dates of stay for the State Shoot or the Grand Pacific and proceed as directed.

As you proceed you will see a box “Referral Source”.  This box must be completed.

You will also see a box “Reason for visit”.  This too must be completed.

As you complete the steps you will also see a “Terms and Conditions” box which must be checked.

Complete your reservation.

Repeat for an additional stay.

If you have questions, please contact Joel Ball between the hours of 9 am – 7 pm.  Phone 360-790-0266 or email shootevergreen@gmail.com


Joel Ball

11/13/20: Update on RV reservations for the 2021 Grand Pacific. Evergreen Sportsman’s Club is diligently working on setting up a website that will allow you to make your reservations online. All you will have to do is access the website and follow the prompts. As soon as the website is up and running, the information will be posted. Thanks for your patience!

9/10/20:  We are happy to announce that the PITA and Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club have signed a contract for the 2021 Grand Pacific (July 25th – 31st) and the 2022 Grand Pacific.

The club will be handling the RV and Golf Cart reservations beginning November 10, 2020. Reservation contact and info will be posted soon.

Thank you – Mike Riggs, PITA Site Committee Chair & Ron Hull, ESC President

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