Pacific International Trapshooting Association
2013 Grand Pacific at
Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club
July 21 – 27, 2013
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Pre-Squad Form Use this form if you want the cashier to squad you. Complete and mail with your $5 pre-squad fee to the address on the form.

Those with a full squad can use this form to reserve their squad prior to the June 1st opening on

Pre-Pay form Use this form if you want to pre-pay your entry fees and avoid the cashier line at the event. You must pre-squad before you can pre-pay.

Click Here to download the PDF of program. (Just note that this is a large file and my depending on your Internet speeds take 10 or more minutes to download. File size 12Mb)

  • Map to Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club RV Area.
  • Map of facility
  • RV rates are $75/week club spaces and $175/week gen set spaces. FREE non-power vendor space.
  • Contact Sue for reservations.


  • Browning
  • DeVault Industries
  • RCBS
  • White Flyer
  • West Coast Shot
  • North West Shot
  • TrapshootingUSA
  • Tilden
  • Sportco
  • Bayshore Metals
  • Coldstream Truck Parts
  • Whitecreek Gunstock Blanks
  • Americase
  • All Star
  • Chuck Curtis & Virginia Bonser
  • Coon Creek YES kids and families
  • Briley
  • Hall of Fame