Fairbanks Trap Club  
July 28, 2013
Registered Shoot Winners
Singles – 100 Targets – 7 shooters
A   Wally Smith 96
B   John Schumaker 97
C   Cory Bodyfelt 89
Lady   Evie Seymore 84
Handicap – 100 Targets – 8 shooters
Winner   Chris Stankiewicz 89
Runner-Up   Bob Setren 88
Lady   Evie Seymore 86
Doubles – 100 Targets – 7 shooters
A   Wally Smith 92
B   Bob Setren 78
C   Chris Stankiewicz 78
Lady   Evie Seymore 76
High Over All
    Wally Smith 275
The Day In Review
It was a hot one out here today, hanging in the mid 80s and up all day and not a cloud in the sky. Along with the lovely weather, we had some lovely food: red salmon and an excellent caribou meatloaf along with all the fixings that others brought.