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January Multiplex results are posted.

Bad weather didn’t slow down the more than 400 shooters who participated this month.  View the results and let us know of any errors or omissions before the deadline Friday, January 8th (10:00 a.m. PST)  (click HERE to view).  While perfect scores were posted in singles 49’s ruled in handicap and doubles.  Kevin Davis (Pawnee) and Larry Fine (Redding) earned 1/2 yard  & $406 for their scores of 49/50.  Congratulations to Kevin Davis – HOA winners this month with 146/150.  Triple winners are Ed Knebel, David Lange & Jay Lange.

Thanks to everyone – both shooters and scorekeepers for making this event a success.

We are pleased to announce White Flyer will be sponsoring the Multiplex.  They are providing the random draw prizes awarded after the final event in February.

The next event is scheduled for February 6 or 7, check the listing for the club near you.

Congratulations – PITA All Stars

Join the Executive Committee in welcoming the 2015 PITA All Stars.  

The listing this year includes all shooters with the required number of targets.  The chart shows how many major shoots each attended as well as the number of different clubs shot.  Those in red/bold met the requirements of 5 clubs and 2 majors.  Others listed would have qualified but lack one or more of the requirements.

Click here to see the listing.



Last spring O.S.T.A. proposed a rule which would require shooters to shoot their longest yardage in any association or league. (Rule Proposal OR 1-2015.) This rule was approved at the 2015 Grand Pacific.  Since that time, several major problems with the rule have been brought to the attention of the Executive Committee and the Central Handicap Committee.  On November 2, the Central Handicap Committee and the Executive Committee met and voted to table that rule (delaying its implementation) after a lengthy discussion. The vote passed 9 – 2. The committees met utilizing the Urgency Clause, Article VII, Section E of the PITA Corporate By-Laws.

Due to this action by the Central Handicap Committee and the Executive Committee, this rule will NOT be added to the PITA Official Rules for the 2015-16 shoot year.  Please notify all members, particularly those who work at the handicap tables, that no change has been made regarding shooting your longest yardage.  The current rule may be found on page 26, Handicap Rules, Handicap Yardage Assignment.  The provisions on page 29 under Handicap Yardage Advancement (d), the use of “established ability” still applies and should be used whenever appropriate.  Advancement by “established ability” may only be determined by Executive Committee members and State/Provincial Board members.

If you have questions please contact Nadene Pope, Chair of the CHC/Rules Committee.

To view all the rule changes click HERE.

Happy New Year!

The 2016 PITA target year started November 1st!  You can now print your 2016 Membership Card.  All 2015 scores have been posted so please take a look at your 2015 card and assure all your scores are recorded and accurate.  In the next few weeks we will be calculating the Allstar Teams and want everything correct before we begin.

The 2016 renewal notices will be mailed in early December.  Help PITA save time and postage – renew today online.   Be sure to include an extra $10 to sponsor a youth membership.  In 2015 PITA members sponsored 345 young shooters.  Options are also available with renewal to order the 2015 PITA Averages & History Book (available early February) and Grand Pacific trophy sponsorship.

The 2016 Membership cards before Christmas (with Multiplex winning checks included for those lucky winners).  Remember, you can always print your card before each shoot you attend.  The online card will include all your scores with averages of your last 1,000 targets as the rules require.  Please give this a try – it speeds up the registration lines greatly.


New secretary selected..

It is with great pleasure and excitement that the PITA Executive Committee would like to announce that we have selected Sue Brewer’s replacement as Executive Secretary. We are not losing Sue but in June she will be shifting to only 20 hours a week.

Our new Executive Secretary’s name is Michelle Wade. She and her family live in Orting ,Washington.

Jim Rankhorn, PITA President

Here is a short Bio from Michelle:

Michelle WadeMy name is Michelle Wade; I am very excited about becoming the new Executive Secretary for the Pacific International Trapshooting Association.  Sue is going to be a tough act to follow but I am confident with her help and the help from the Executive Board this will be a smooth transition for everyone involved.

I have been actively involved in the trapshooting community for a few years, and my son and his father both shoot in the P.I.T.A. In addition, I offer over 20 years’ experience in an office environment and working with people, I believe my background will be extremely beneficial to the P.I.T.A. and especially to the members.  On the personal side, I am a graduate from Central Washington University and I enjoy the outdoors, spending time with my family, and our friends.  I am looking forward to many years in my new position and working with a great group of people.

Thank you to everyone for this amazing opportunity,

Michelle Wade


Are you a member of the 125 club?

Have you shot on a squad where everyone had a 25 – making a scores of 125 for the squad?

Click here to see the members of this club.