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Thank you vendors and sponsors!

The Executive Committee appreciates and conveys their sincere thanks to all the vendors and sponsors of the Grand Pacific. Please show your appreciation with your support. Without them the Grand Pacific would not be the same.

2015 Grand Pacific is in the history books…

Thanks to all that attended this years event. We hope you had a good time. The Executive Committee values your suggestions. Please email any thoughts you might have to improve the 2016 Grand Pacific.

  • Format of events?
  • Favorite trophies?
  • Best after hours event?

Happenings at the Grand Pacific?

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Rule changes effective 11-1-2014

NOTICE: Rule changes effective 11-1-14

There are rule changes/clarifications effective Saturday, November 1, 2014.  The new Rule Book is here!

  1. Section A. Clarification about renewing memberships late in the shoot year.
  2. Doubles average based on the last 1,000 targets (was 800) and classification percentages revised. The new classification guide can be found on the FORMS page.
  3. All references to Senior Veteran to be replaced by the term “Senior”, abbreviated “SR”.
  4. Cross registration of targets updated to reflect each Association’s current rules.

2015 PITA Shoot Calendar

The 2015 online CALENDAR and the printable PDF copy are complete.  The pocket schedule is printed and will be mailed with your renewal notice or average card.  They will also be available at your club.  Please verify the accuracy of  the shoot dates for your club.  It is also a good time to view the CLUB page and update your listing information.

Are you a member of the 125 club?

Have you shot on a squad where everyone had a 25 – making a scores of 125 for the squad?

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