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Grand Pacific coming soon…starts Sunday!

Click the banner above to view the online copy of the program and view more details of the event.  Be sure to visit the vendors attending and thank the advertisers and sponsors.

RV spaces are still available – call Sue to reserve – pay when you arrive.  


This years event looks to be even more fun than last year with $10 gold pieces to the Championship event winners, 28 gauge singles & doubles, Big Top Bingo, Five from 40, bunco for the ladies as well as the annual Pampered Chef show and more.

Don’t forget to attend the Hall of Fame induction ceremony Thursday evening to congratulation this years inductees – Ron Scondo, Dick Siemens and Fred Coulson as well as 2015 inductee Marvin Loy who could not attend last year.

CHECK HERE FOR RESULTS AS WE ARE ABLE TO POST THEM.  As many know WiFi is not available at ESC so posting is limited during the event.

KICK-EEZ sponsors Buddy Backer at Grand Pacific

Saturday July 23, 2016 – 60 Bird Buddy Backer

Grand Pacific Early Bird Event. Evergreen Gun Club, Olympia Washington

Sign up begins at 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM and the event starts at 3:00 PM. The last squad must start on trap 1 before 7:00 PM.

Championship Buckle to each member of the winning team

$20.00 Entry fee per team. $12.00 from each entry to be paid out High Gun 3 pays (50/30/20%).

Options: Non Mandatory, paid back 100%

$5.00 Long Run. $2.50 from front & $2.50 from the back. Paid 100% ties divide.

$10.00 Trap Option Split $5.00 per trap paid out 60/40% percentage system

$10.00 Jackpot on the total. 1 pay for each 10 entries paid out High Gun System.

Pick your own partner, all teams will stand at the 27- yard line.  New shells only on the line, no exceptions, everyone will be checked.  Guns and Loads per page 14 in the 2015-2016 PITA Rule Book.  

Questions? Call Mike Gregerson @ 775-455-5252 Or Jim Rankhorn @ 425-330-2864

Targets for this event will be donated by White Flyer. Buckles provided by KICK-EEZ.

Kick Eez buckle



Grand Pacific lodging – book early!

President Jim Rankhorn has been working with some motels/hotels in the area to get special rates for Grand Pacific shooters.

The Red Lion, Olympia is again offering a special rate of $89/night.  To reserve call 800-Red Lion or click HERE.

The Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel is again offering a ‘Shooter’s Rate’ – same as last year.  $89/night + 10% sales tax ($10 fee for 3 or more per room).  A block of rooms has been reserved for PITA but you must book by June 22 to get this special rate.   Phone them at 360-273-2000 or 800-720-1788 – mention code: PITA.   http://luckyeagle.com

If you have any problems reserving at either the Red Lion or the Lucky Eagle please let us know.

Congratulations – PITA All Stars

Join the Executive Committee in welcoming the 2015 PITA All Stars.  

The listing this year includes all shooters with the required number of targets.  The chart shows how many major shoots each attended as well as the number of different clubs shot.  Those in red/bold met the requirements of 5 clubs and 2 majors.  Others listed would have qualified but lack one or more of the requirements.

Click here to see the listing.



Last spring O.S.T.A. proposed a rule which would require shooters to shoot their longest yardage in any association or league. (Rule Proposal OR 1-2015.) This rule was approved at the 2015 Grand Pacific.  Since that time, several major problems with the rule have been brought to the attention of the Executive Committee and the Central Handicap Committee.  On November 2, the Central Handicap Committee and the Executive Committee met and voted to table that rule (delaying its implementation) after a lengthy discussion. The vote passed 9 – 2. The committees met utilizing the Urgency Clause, Article VII, Section E of the PITA Corporate By-Laws.

Due to this action by the Central Handicap Committee and the Executive Committee, this rule will NOT be added to the PITA Official Rules for the 2015-16 shoot year.  Please notify all members, particularly those who work at the handicap tables, that no change has been made regarding shooting your longest yardage.  The current rule may be found on page 26, Handicap Rules, Handicap Yardage Assignment.  The provisions on page 29 under Handicap Yardage Advancement (d), the use of “established ability” still applies and should be used whenever appropriate.  Advancement by “established ability” may only be determined by Executive Committee members and State/Provincial Board members.

If you have questions please contact Nadene Pope, Chair of the CHC/Rules Committee.

To view all the rule changes click HERE.

Are you a member of the 125 club?

Have you shot on a squad where everyone had a 25 – making a scores of 125 for the squad?

Click here to see the members of this club.