The results of the Winter Multiplex are posted on the  Shoot Results page – check them out.

There is one last thing to complete this season – ties for High Over All.  For the 1st time since it started in 2008 there is a 3-way tie for High Over All and CA HOA.  Jimmie Puckett, Jason Nelson (both of Newman) and Mac Robertson (Del Norte) are tied with 699/750 for these titles.  How will this be settled is a question we all asked and to find the answer we went to the PITA Rulebook TIES section.  Flipping a coin didn’t sound easy and using long run was out of the question as one shooter had 50/50 on the 1st event of the season so….On February 23rd at 10:00 a.m. a shoot off will be conducted at their clubs with ultimately there being a HOA Champion, CA Champion and ….you know the rest.

Congratulations to the other High Over All winners – each receives a custom made Multiplex HOA pin:

  • BC – Tom Ginn 677/750
  • CA – to be determined after shoot off between shooters listed above
  • CO – Paul Dible 688/750
  • HI – Earl Higa 673/750
  • ID – Jerry Hewett 656/750
  • NV – Rich Bullard 695/750
  • OR – Scott Julian 695/750
  • WA – TJ Main (WCT)/Jeff Mitchell 679/750

Random draw winners:  Gordon Kelly, Daryl Kindvall, Tina Sisich, Paul Chau, Kelly Cox, Keith Brown and Daniel Joseph.  You will receive a White Flyer gift certificate for merchandise available at the White Flyer Store.  It will arrive by email so watch for it in your In Box later this month.  Thank you White Flyer for sponsoring the Multiplex.

Payout checks have been mailed- please cash yours when you get it – thanks.


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