In an effort to squelch some of the rumors that are floating around, I would like to let everyone know what is going on with a rule proposal involving alcohol at PITA shoots.

The PITA Executive Committee  has recently been discussing the need for a rule that addresses the consumption of alcohol or non-prescription drugs PRIOR TO OR DURING a PITA Sanctioned event. This rule would have no bearing on what a shooter does after the competition has ended for the day.  In no way is the PITA proposing a ban on alcohol. We are simply putting, into the rule book, a formal statement of what 99.9% of the shooters are already doing.

Rules of this type are not uncommon in any sporting association, let alone one whose main component is a gun.  The rule has not been formalized yet.  The entire PITA Central Handicap and Rules Committee (which includes the Executive Committee) will meet on Thursday night (2/8/18) to discuss. 

We will keep you posted as to the outcome of that meeting. 

Jennifer Carter, PITA President.

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