Dear Members,

The PITA Executive committee met this past week (4/15/2020) and decided to change our Target Year back to November 1 through October 31.

As you may recall, a few years back, we changed the Target Year to September 1 through August 31.  The reason for that change was a request from one of our State Associations.  They were having difficulty getting a good date for their State Shoot and wanted to have more time in the late summer/early fall.  After much discussion, we made the change.

The change involved a significant amount of work for PITA staff to ensure that membership forms and shoot certificates were sent prior to the end of the new target year.  A time that also coincided with the Grand Pacific.  The change also moved our target year away from our fiscal year.  This also created more work for PITA staff and our Treasurer.  In the end, the state association who requested the change never made the move to another part of the year.

So, we’re changing the Target Year back to November 1 through October 31.  Among the benefits, for the PITA, that I listed above this change will allow our members to have two additional paid months of membership in 2020 as your renewal will now be due on November 1.  This may also allow states and provinces to reschedule their 2020 championship events if restrictions are lifted and we’re allowed to return to “regular” life.

This is just one of the issues upon which the PITA Executive Committee is working.  I will keep you updated as major decisions are made during this uncommon year.

Jennifer Carter
PITA President

Office note:  the 2020 target year will be September 1, 2019-October 31, 2020

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