Who will be the 2020 Fall Multiplex High Over All winner?  Scores are close – December will determine the winners.  HOA name tag pins will be awarded to the winner of each State/Province.  Below are some of the top shooters after the November Multiplex.

CA Newman Waddell, Kevin 428
CA Newman Nelson, Jason 426
NV Spring Creek Coffin, Matt 425
CA Newman Margarite, Robert 424
OR Madras Rask, Dean 423
ID Boise Williams, Roy 421
CO Pawnee Dible, Paul 421
CA Newman Jaynes, Randy 421
CA El Dorado Neves, Taylor 420
CA Newman Ebenal, Gregg 419
CA Lake Co Seever, Kyle 417
ID Pocatello Cahoon, Jim 417
ID Pocatello Tomlin, Bob 417
NV Fallon Pirkle, Kenny 417
WA Wenatchee Simmons, John 416
CA Newman Connel, Ronnie 414
ID Boise Harris, Kent 413
CO Pawnee Vaughn, Trevor 413
CA Newman Harrison, Ken 413
CA Newman Karabinis, Demitrios 411
CA Newman Oliver, Jack 410
CA Redding Warren, John 410
CA El Dorado Hoffman, Matthew 410
NV Spring Creek Matys, Gerald 410

The Winter Multiplex starts in January.  Multiplex calendar: Is your club registered yet-clubs shown in gray need to register?  Email info@shootpita.com to submit your dates.

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