There has been some discussion on the meaning of the word ‘to’ as used in the 2015 Official Classification Tables and Handicap Guide.  The meaning in the new chart is ‘up to this point‘ (i.e. once you reach 97% you are in AA class for singles).  For those using the 3S computer cashier system you will notice in the classification area the use of “over or equal to this % (>=)” and “under this % (<)”.

Capture Handicap Guide 3S

There are many ways to say the same thing which seems to be causing confusion.   The ending percentage is to the number but not through it.  This is clear when you look at all the classifications.  The starting percentage begins with the ending number of the lower classification.  If this still confuses you replace the word ‘to’ with ‘up to but not including’ in all cases.

Example:  Singles:  

AA- 97.00% and above

A – 94.50% up to but not including 97.00%

B – 91.50% up to but not including 94.50%



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