September 22, 2013 – Fairbanks Trap Club
Registered Shoot Winners
Singles – 100 Targets
A   John Schumaker 95
B   Chris Stankiewicz 88
C   Evie Seymore 83
Handicap – 100 Targets
Winner   John Schumaker 92
Doubles – 100 Targets
A   Wally Smith 84
B   Chris Stankiewicz 79
C   John Schumaker 76
High Over All
    John Schumaker 263
The Day In Review
Through the wind and snow, these seven shooters fought during the last registered shoot of the year. The temps hung around 28 degrees with hardly a glimpse of sun all day through the snow. Thankfully we have some lovely ladies that love us and bring us food: Evie Seymore brought some fantastic chicken and rice soup and Kathy Hughes topped it off with some tasty cornbread. Good food and a hot fire to get us through a COLD day out there.