Congratulations 2022 Hall Of Fame Inductees!

The PITA Hall of Fame committee has announced the 2022 nominees for induction into the Hall of Fame.

Leland, “Billy” Myers for his service to his local club, Eel River , the California state association, and 25 years¬† as
a member of the PITA executive committee, holding every office, sometimes more than once, as well as being
a rather good shooter to boot. Over 250,000 targets and counting, his dedication to the PITA cannot be overstated.
Welcome “Billy”.


Ron Alcoriza of Calif, holder of two Grand Pacific doubles titles, as well as 5 all-star teams, and over
40 Calif. state wins, over 40 years, and respected by his peers. Almost 150,000 targets and counting, Ron is
considered as a friend and good competitor both on and off the line.  Welcome Ron to the Hall of Fame.

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