The Executive Committee is proud to announce the 2020 All Star Teams and congratulates each of you for your accomplishment. Click here to see all the team members and qualification requirements.

2020 was a difficult year to find shoots with many clubs closed and shoots cancelled but 53 of the 55 positions were filled.  Twenty five of them by 1st time All Stars.  Competition was tough with just targets dividing some.  As mentioned in the previous post many of the calculations are done manually.  If you would like to see where you placed in this process click here.  This chart shows majors and clubs with the highlights showing the reason a person did not earn placement on the team.  If you have questions please email  Here are some of the major things we found along the way…

  • Eli Tollefson qualified as Captain of the Junior Team but also placed in the top five – he was given the choice of positions and took top five – an awesome accomplishment.
  • Chester Carter, a senior, placed 2nd on the men’s team but according to the rules you must take the team where you placed higher – congratulations to Chester – Senior team captain.  The same logic applies to others such as Devin Huguenot – Junior Captain, Jimmie Puckett – Veteran Captain to show a few.
  • Things were close in the Junior team selection where Margaret Long place 9th.  She placed 8th in the ladies team and was awarded that position – again the higher of the two placements.  This moved Janelle Bullis to 9th on the Junior team.  Note: there were not enough juniors or ladies that qualified to fill teams this year.
  • Fires in late summer kept a few from placement as they had to leave the Fall Classic, a new major shoot, to evacuate their homes.  2020 was definitely a year to remember.

Be sure to review the new requirements for the 2021 teams – clubs have been increased to 6 and major shoots to 3.  View all the requirements on the All Star page or in the Rulebook.

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