REFERENCE:  Change to Rule Book Section A, page 5. Information: Aid to State/Provincial Associations.

A review of the PITA budget during a scheduled meeting of the Executive Committee on December 20, 2017 found that an increase in daily fees and membership fees was necessary in order to cover the ongoing costs of operation for the PITA.  As such, by unanimous vote, the daily fee charged to participants of a registered competition was increased from three dollars ($3.00) to the sum of four ($4.00) dollars per day, effective March 1, 2018.  In addition, the Executive committee, also by unanimous vote, increased the annual memberships fee from twenty dollars ($20) to twenty-five dollars ($25), life memberships will also increase from four hundred ($400) to six hundred ($600) as of March 1, 2018.

These fees have been unchanged for the last seven years and it is the hope of the PITA Executive Committee that this change will cover our day-to-day operations for many years to come.

Please make your club/members aware of these changes.  New reporting forms will be posted on the forms page March 1st.


Kay Reynolds, Executive Secretary

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