The Casa Grande Trap & Skeet Club played host to the PITA Arizona State Shoot March 2 & 3.  In an unusual turn of events, the normally balmy Arizona weather went south with rain and wind forcing the postponement of the first half of Championship Singles to the second day’s events.  Some of the usual suspects turned in high scores in the Championship events.  Championship Singles, Lonny Brown, Oregon, 199; Championship Doubles, Dave Kelly, California, 97, and a surprise Handicap Champion with Esther Puckett, California, 96.  If her name sounds familiar, Esther is the President of the Newman Swamp Rats Gun Club who recently returned to hosting PITA events.  Complete shoot results can be found under Arizona on the RESULTS page.

Well shooters, it is that time of year again.  While it may seem like a long
way off, it is really just around the corner.  That is the Grand Pacific.
It is time to start thinking about reserving your golf cart for the shoot.
The good news is that the prices will remain the same as last year.

2 person cart                  $300.00
4 person cart                  $365.00
6 person cart                  $430.00

We really need to make our reservations early to make sure that the
company we work with will have what we need and not promised
elsewhere.  Please contact Sue at the PITA office to make your
reservations and do not wait until the last minute.

Bill Myers
Treasurer/Golf Cart Chair

On Saturday and Sunday, March 14 and 15, Old Skagit held their second shoot of the 2015 PITA target year and their first shoot using White Flyer targets.  Saturday’s 300 singles gave ample opportunity under a variety of conditions to judge the quality of the clays.  The first event was shot with a strong wind, the second event had heavy downpours of rain, and finally for the last event of the day the sun came out! The high total for the day was a 291 shot by Doug Reimers.  On Sunday the weather just settled in and yielded a steady downpour for the doubles and handicap events.  Chuck Manning had the best score in doubles with his 96 and junior shooter Sean Miller didn’t seem to mind the conditions while shooting the high score of 95 in handicap.  Bruce Locke came down from Canada to take the HOA honors with his 471 for the two days of shooting.  Congratulations to everybody.

3_15_15 Sean Miller receives trophy from Jungquist A little more about junior shooter Sean Miller.  He has been trap shooting for about 6 months, shooting most of his targets at the Kenmore club.  He has participated in the PITA Multiplex but this was his first venture into a regular registered shoot.  Quite a way to start by shooting the top score for the handicap event and receiving his first punch.

Submitted by Sherry Greene

View all the results.

(photo Sean Miller receives trophy from Steve Jungquist)

Want to go to home in style, driving a new Camaro?  You have a chance to do that by attending the Nevada State Shoot May 15-17.  The Mason Valley Trap Club, Yerington, Nevada, will host the three day, 700 target event with over $11,000 in trophy/added money and the chance to win $1,000 cash in the Championship Handicap.  Details on the Camaro give away (limited to the first 92 entrants), donated by Wild West Chevrolet, and a shoot program can be found on the PITA website (PROGRAMS page).  You may even get to pick the color, who knows.

To make an RV reservation (limited spaces) call Dena 775-220-7226.

Medford hosted a very successful shoot March 21-22 despite iffy weather.  Over 120 shooters from ID, WA, CA & NV attended.  A sub-junior ran away with Sunday’s handicap with a 96 (see all the results).  Enjoy the slide show.  If you want your clubs results/photos posted contact On Friday they hosted the 3rd round of the Oregon Doubles Marathon Classic with 21 shooters adding scores to the season – come join the fun – next round of this Classic will be at Albany Gun Club, April 10th.

The Grand Pacific is July 18-25, 2015 at Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club, Littlerock, WA.

The Lucky Eagle Casino and Hotel is again offering a special rate for shooters – click here for more details.

The Red Lion also has their ‘SPECIAL’ trapshooters rate – click here.

Need an RV space at the shoot?  Email or call 541-258-8766.  Click here to view the grounds layout.

The program of events will be available in late April/early May.

See you at the GRAND!

Hawaii State Shoot – 2015

The 11th annual Hawaii State Shoot opened February 13th to the usual beautiful weather (no rain this year), exceptional trap help and near record attendance.  Reg Todd, a BC shooter, made his eight appearance to the Big Island Trap Club, an uncontested record for return visits (Grant do you contest this?).  Gwenn Ojiri is on her 19th year supervising the facility which is operated by the County of Hawaii Parks and Recreation.  This year the Waiakea High School Air Rifle Team provided the trap help/score keepers who must have done an outstanding job judging from the donations ponied up by the attendees.  The Friday night potluck in the park provided a good sampling of traditional Hawaiian dishes and the Sunday evening awards banquet included an opportunity to wander through the NaniMau gardens.

Complete shoot results can be found on the SHOOT RESULTS page.  Suffice to say, the natives excelled in the High All Around but the mainlanders made a respectful showing in some events.

Attending the Hawaii State Shoot is an experience unlike most any other.  Just the logistics of arranging the shoot (think about it everything is shipped in), accommodating the shooters and working within the County structure present unique challenges.  BITC Club President, Jordon Hara, and B.A.D. Company President, Dex Egdamin, teamed with others to make this a memorable event.  Probably more so than other Associations they need your support, so I recommend you commit early, sign up for 2016 now (watch for details).  You will not be disappointed.

Sue Brewer, Secretary


The 2014-15 Winter Multiplex season has come to a close.  Thanks to all who participated – you set new records for clubs entered and targets thrown. Click here to see the High Over All winners and random draw shooters (center of page). HOA tags and random draw prizes will be distributed in the next couple of months.  The payout checks for Jan/Feb were mailed 2/23.  It’s not too early to sign your club up for the summer season!