The Executive Committee appreciates and conveys their sincere thanks to all the vendors and sponsors of the Grand Pacific. Please show your appreciation with your support. Without them the Grand Pacific would not be the same.

The Summer Multiplex has concluded.  Results of the August event are now posted on the ‘SHOOT RESULTS’ page.  Payout checks were mailed 8/17 to all the winners.  Congratulations to the HIGH OVER ALL Champions:

  • Champion: John Adams (Hermiston) 439/450
  • AK: Pete Hudson (Juneau) 405/450 – WCT – Mal Menzies (Juneau)
  • BC: John Trca (Langley) 397/450
  • CA: Pat Curran (ElDorado) 420/450
  • ID: Chester Carter (Boise) 426/450
  • NV: Mike Gregersen (Fallon) 430/450
  • OR: Mike Mann (Medford) 414/450
  • WA: Charles Manning (Skagit) 410/450 – WCT – Terry Leinweber (Colton)

Note: Ties are settled by a coin toss done by PITA shoot management.

The Winter Multiplex starts in October (Oct 3-4).  As in the past this first event is the time to encourage new members to try registered trap as PITA offers FREE membership to all new members.

NEW for the winter season….REGISTERED SUB-GAUGE!  In addition to the regular 50 singles, 50 handicap and 50 doubles we will try 50 singles SUB-GAUGE.  If this is something you would like to try at your club please contact the PITA office for details (still in the development stage).  This initial event will allow either .410, 20 gauge or 28 gauge (this will need to be included in your report).  These are registered PITA targets and all PITA rules apply.  The targets are not calculated in your regular average but will have their own average.  In the future you will have SUB-GAUGE AVERAGE CARDS.  These targets will be included in your target total for milestone awards.

Let’s have some FUN!


  • The Labor Day shoot at Evergreen has changed from 9/5-7 to 9/4-6 – Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
  • The Spokane Harvest Grand has changed from Sept 25-27 to October 2-4.
  • The NOTSC Labour Day shoot will be as follows: Doubles 9/3 (Thurs) 1:00 start with the shoot 9/4-7.

Merv Perra shoots 150,000th at Old Skagit

The weekend of June 20 and 21, witnessed two milestone events.  The first was Merv Perra shooting his 150,000th registered target during the Sunday Handicap.  Merv was congratulated by all in attendance for achieving this and received a pin from PITA as well as a belt buckle from Vancouver Gun Club and a jacket from Old Skagit Gun Club.

Merv shooting his milestone target

Merv Perra receives milestone awards

Merv Perra 150000 targets



Seventy different shooters attended this two day shoot, participating in singles, handicap, and doubles events on both days.  Conditions were excellent as were the targets and it was reflected in some very good scores.  Ron Hull shot a 100 straight in Saturday’s singles which also saw three 99’s and four 98’s.  Sunday’s singles also had high scores with Don Meece topping the list with his 99 followed by eight 98’s.  Don started out a little slowly on Saturday but warmed up on Sunday, shooting the high score in two of three events and going on to take HOA for the weekend.

A second milestone was that this was the first registered shoot at Old Skagit since the formation of the Moose Old Skagit Gun Club Special Purpose Corporation. The club is now member owned and no longer a part of the Mt. Vernon Moose Lodge.  Look for more information on this in the near future.  (All registered events will be held as currently scheduled.)

Hope to see you at our Doubles Marathon on July 18th.

Congratulations Rookie and Championship Singles winners! That is quite an accomplishment. As Rookie or Championship Singles Champions (Champion and Lady Champion) from your State or Province you are entitled to compete in these competitions at the Grand Pacific. Please join us at Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club July 18-24.

Rookies need to shoot events #13, #15 and #18 at the Grand to qualify to win the 2015 Rookie of the Year title.  These events are the 200 Championship Singles and the Championship Handicap, held July 23-25 (Thursday-Saturday).

Champions of Champions competition runs concurrent with event #13, July 23, with ties shooting off at the conclusion of the day’s events.

We certainly hope you will be able to attend the Grand Pacific and compete in the challenge. Please contact Sue and confirms your plan to attend.  If for some reason you will not be at the 2015 Grand Pacific, we would like to be able to invite the runner-up from your State/Province so that each is represented in the competition.

Hoping to see you at the Grand,

Nadene Pope, PITA President

Sue’s contact info:

More information can be found in the shoot program on pages 26 (Rookie) and 62 (Champion of Champions) – click HERE to view the tournament program.

Jack Nelson earned his first punch at Caldwell Gun Club on May 2nd.  At age 13 years, 6 months and 2 days he scored a perfect round – 100 straight from 19 yards.  He is the youngest shooter to post a perfect score in Idaho.

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He used an 11-87 automatic and 2 3/4 dram Federal ammunition.

He is currently in the 7th grade at Lighthouse Christian School where he is a 4.0 GPA student.  He lives in Twin Falls, Idaho with his brother Sam, his Dad Mark, and his Mom Mary Kay.  Both Sam and Mark are also PITA members.

Jack started shooting trap in 2012 through a local 4 H program and became hooked on the sport.  He continued in 4 H and in 2014 started shooting in the SCTP program with the Twin Falls Youth Shooting program – the “Hot Shots.”  In July of 2014 Jack joined the PITA and has been competing in trap as much as he can.  He has a deep passion for trapshooting and competition.

Submitted by Kent Harris