On a particularly nasty-weather-even-for-the northwest day 44 shooters gathered at Old Skagit Gun Club for their December Shoot.  The rain fell and the wind blew but Brian Fooks managed to shoot a 96 in the Singles Event and Mike O’Malley a 95 in the Handicap Event (to see all the results click here).  During the lunch break, while everyone was warming up and drying off, two milestone events were celebrated.  These milestones were actually shot during the Doubles Marathon at Old Skagit in October but the celebration was delayed until the December Shoot.  Dave McCallum reached 150,000 registered targets while Creige Scribner shot his 50,000th.  Congratulations to both of these shooters on this accomplishment.

Dave McCallum and Creige Scribner at Old Skagit
Dave and Creige 

The checks for the Oct-Nov-Dec events will be in the mail this week together with your membership card.  Please cash your check when you receive it.  We have a number of outstanding checks that we would like to see clear the bank.  If you happen to have any PITA checks cash or deposit them ASAP.

Programs are now posted for some PITA shoots in sunny NV/AZ.  Boulder Trap Club and Casa Grande invite you to attend their PITA shoots this winter.  Ben Avery is offering cross registration to PITA at their January Winter Chain shoot.  View/print the programs on the PROGRAMS page.

Carol Barnes, formally of Moraga, CA passed away November 27th surrounded by family in Indiana.  She first registered PITA targets in 1969 and received her 100,000 milestone in 1996.  Carol was inducted to the PITA Hall of Fame in 2002. She was preceded in death by husband, Frank, both were well known in PITA.

PITA is one of two organizations authorized to receive donations in memory of Carol.  Donations can be sent directly to PITA, PO Box 770, Lebanon, OR 97355.

Carol Barnes (1930-2015)
Carol Barnes (1930-2015)


Wet and windy conditions in most locations this month resulted in some lower than usual scores (click HERE to view).  While perfect scores were posted in singles 49’s ruled in handicap and doubles.  Larry Davis (Lake Co), Jim Turnbull (Yakima) and Lawrence Smith (Fallon) all earned 1/2 yard  & $275 for their score of 49/50.  Congratulations to Brad Eatmon and Wayne Norcutt – HOA winners this month with 145/150.

Once scores are finalized this Friday (December 11th) we will compile the winnings from the October, November and December events and send payout checks.  Just in time for your last minute Christmas shopping.  The payout checks are included with your membership card so be sure to open that mail when it arrives!

We are pleased to announce White Flyer will be sponsoring the Multiplex.  They are providing the random draw prizes awarded after the final event in February.  Our White Flyer Western Sales Manager, Bill Daniels, joined the event this month shooting at the Portland Gun Club.  He had a great time and hopes to hit another one on his travels.

The next event is scheduled for January 2-3, check the listing for the club near you.

Join the Executive Committee in welcoming the 2015 PITA All Stars.  

The listing this year includes all shooters with the required number of targets.  The chart shows how many major shoots each attended as well as the number of different clubs shot.  Those in red/bold met the requirements of 5 clubs and 2 majors.  Others listed would have qualified but lack one or more of the requirements.

Click here to see the listing.


Congratulations clubs and shooters!  You broke another Multiplex record.

The November event shot at 42 clubs broke two records:

  1. Most targets 62,050
  2. Most shooters 463

Join the fun at the December event held December 5 or 6.  Remember, you can only shoot the event once so if you shoot at two clubs the 2nd time you shoot is for registered targets only.  The club should contact the PITA office should this occur.  Payouts for the Oct, Nov and Dec events will be made in mid-December.

See all the winners on our Multiplex RESULTS page.

Last spring O.S.T.A. proposed a rule which would require shooters to shoot their longest yardage in any association or league. (Rule Proposal OR 1-2015.) This rule was approved at the 2015 Grand Pacific.  Since that time, several major problems with the rule have been brought to the attention of the Executive Committee and the Central Handicap Committee.  On November 2, the Central Handicap Committee and the Executive Committee met and voted to table that rule (delaying its implementation) after a lengthy discussion. The vote passed 9 – 2. The committees met utilizing the Urgency Clause, Article VII, Section E of the PITA Corporate By-Laws.

Due to this action by the Central Handicap Committee and the Executive Committee, this rule will NOT be added to the PITA Official Rules for the 2015-16 shoot year.  Please notify all members, particularly those who work at the handicap tables, that no change has been made regarding shooting your longest yardage.  The current rule may be found on page 26, Handicap Rules, Handicap Yardage Assignment.  The provisions on page 29 under Handicap Yardage Advancement (d), the use of “established ability” still applies and should be used whenever appropriate.  Advancement by “established ability” may only be determined by Executive Committee members and State/Provincial Board members.

If you have questions please contact Nadene Pope, Chair of the CHC/Rules Committee.

To view all the rule changes click HERE.

Implementation of OR01 passed by the Rules Committee at the 2015 Grand Pacific has been delayed pending further review.  If you have comments please contact a member of the Executive Committee or your Central Handicap/Rules Committee member.


Page 2 of the Official PITA Rule Book, Section A:  MEMBERSHIP (add to 1st paragraph):

Any life member not registering PITA targets for three consecutive years shall be considered as “inactive status” and will not receive the annual membership/averages card or other mailings from PITA.  Life members will be considered as “active status” if they meet any one or more of these conditions:

  1. Register PITA targets at least every third year.
  2. Request in writing they remain as “active” and receive all ordinary correspondence.
  3. Sponsor one or more youth shooter’s annual dues.
  4. Purchase the current Averages and History yearbook.
  5. Advertise or sponsor in the Grand Pacific program.

All annual members are considered “active”.


Page 2 of the Official PITA Rule Book: change PITA ALLSTAR TEAM:

At the end of the target year, 11 five person PITA All Star Teams consisting of a top five team, two men’s teams, two ladies teams, a veteran team (65-69 for the two major shoots), a senior team (70-74 for the two major shoots), an elder team (75 or older for the two major shoots), two junior teams (under 18 at the beginning of the target year) and a sub junior team (under 15 at the beginning of the target year) will be named by the PITA Administrative Office. Members of the respective teams are required to have met the following minimum target requirements:

Category 16 Yard Targets Required Handicap Targets Required Doubles Targets Required
Top five 1700 1700 1100
Mens 1700 1700 1100
Ladies 1200 1200 600
Veterans 1200 1200 600
Seniors 1200 1200 600
Elders 1200 1200 600
Juniors 1000 1000 500
Sub Jr 1000 1000 500


Team placement will be determined as follows:

  1. All shooters, not awarded a spot on the “top five” team  shall be eligible for All Star Teams in any category for which they may be eligible; these being both gender and age related.
  2. In the case of being eligible for two teams (these being gender and age categories) they shall be awarded a position on one team only, determined by whichever team they placed

highest. In case the shooter qualifies for two teams at the same position, they shall be awarded the position in the age related category.

Selection of the All Star Team is based on the shooter’s ability as evidenced by their averages. The average is computed by dividing the sum of your singles average, handicap average and doubles average by three.  Targets must include at least 100 singles, 100 handicap and 100 doubles each, shot at 5 different PITA hosted shoot locations. Cross registered targets shot at an ATA sanctioned event and submitted to the PITA will not be counted in the 5 club requirement for All Stars.


All members of the respective teams are required to participate in the High All Around events (200 Championship Singles, 100 Championship Handicap and 100 Championship Doubles) at two major shoots. Major shoots are the Grand Pacific, any PITA State/Provincial Shoot, the Western Canadian Championships and the Canadian Championships (when held in BC as a PITA shoot).


► Page 3 of the Official PITA Rule Book titled CROSS REGISTRATION add to #3:

If a score of 96 does not earn a punch in a PITA shoot, an ATA Shooter cross-registering will have his/her ATA card punched to reflect a half yard increase.

Change #6 a.:  Publish a program of events or post a copy of the official program on the gun club website to ensure all shooters are notified of the availability of cross registration.  A copy of this program must be included when submitting scores to the organization they are being cross registered to.


► Page 5 of the Official PITA Rule Book before Lewis Purse add:


    Clubs must keep all shoot records for a minimum of two calendar years.


► Page 28 of the Official PITA Rule Book titled Handicap Yardage Reduction, add letters (i), (j):

(j) When disagreement regarding a shooter’s yardage exists, the shooter may contact the Chairman of the Central Handicap Committee. In the event that no agreement can be reached between the shooter and the Chairman, the entire Central Handicap Committee is to be contacted for a final decision.


► Page 34 of the Official PITA Rule Book titled DOULBLES: FAILURE TO FIRE, change last sentence on page:  All subsequent doubling malfunctions will be declared as lost a pair.



  • CHAIR – Nadene Pope, PO Box 302, Prospect, OR 97536, (541) 890-6733, lyleandnadene@embarqmail.com
  • ALASKA – Stubby Hughes, 511 Steele Crk Rd, Fairbanks 99712, (907) 457-2020, stubby@gci.net
  • ARIZONA – contact Art Fenton
  • BRITISH COLUMBIA – Leo Pike, 521 Lone Tree Place, Victoria V9B 6G9, (250) 478-3079, karenpike@shaw.ca
  • CALIFORNIA – Billy Myers, PO Box 24, Hydesville 95547, (707) 768-1728 Cell: (707) 496-2178, bydnsilly@hotmail.com
  • COLORADO – Kevin Davis, 16150 Co Rd HH, Fort Morgan 80701, (970) 867-5490
  • HAWAII – contact Art Fenton
  • IDAHO – Kent Harris, 3717 Custer Drive, Boise 83705, (208) 345-0711, kentdeadapair@cableone.net
  • NEVADA – Mike Gregersen, 305 Rio Vista Dr, Fallon 89406, (775) 455-5252, Mike_gregersen@hotmail.com
  • OREGON – Ron Johnson, PO Box F, Klamath Falls 97601, (541) 882-8809, ron@pelicantractor.com
  • WASHINGTON – Art Fenton, 15204 118th Ave NW, Gig Harbor 98329, (253) 857-5196 or (520) 237-3120, aa27fenton@gmail.com