Are you a PITA life member that has not registered targets in the last 3 years, ordered a yearbook, sponsored a youth membership or Grand Pacific trophy??  If so, this message is for you:

Every year about this time we begin the task of sorting through the life members to determine their status.  Should be pretty easy you would think, mark off those no longer with us and get on with it.  Not true.  Being a life PITA member entails a lot more than your worldly status and has a big impact on the overall operation of the Association.   To address the situation some changes were made to Section A of the Rule Book which I will outline for you.

Life members not registering PITA targets for three consecutive years will be classed as “inactive” and not automatically receive the yearbook or other mailings.  To return to “active” status you simply do any one of the following:

  1. Shoot PITA registered targets at least every third year.
  2. Request in writing (mail or email) to remain as “active”.
  3. Sponsor one or more youth annual dues, cost ten dollars each.
  4. Buy your yearbook, cost fifteen dollars.  Historically, being a life member brought with it the privilege of receiving the Averages & History Yearbook automatically until the Executive Committee realized it had become a waste of funds. Life members must now shoot 2,500 targets a year to receive the yearbook at no cost (100 targets for Elders).
  5. Advertise or sponsor in the Grand Pacific program.

Doing one of the above will keep your membership status active.  You will receive a yearly mailing which includes the shoot schedule and form to order a yearbook, sponsor a youth or trophy and request a wallet size card. Click here to update your status online.

Finally, the Executive Committee values all our life members and considers their membership an expression of support to the Association.

Thank you all.

Sue Brewer, PITA Assistant

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