Hawaii State Shoot – 2015

The 11th annual Hawaii State Shoot opened February 13th to the usual beautiful weather (no rain this year), exceptional trap help and near record attendance.  Reg Todd, a BC shooter, made his eight appearance to the Big Island Trap Club, an uncontested record for return visits (Grant do you contest this?).  Gwenn Ojiri is on her 19th year supervising the facility which is operated by the County of Hawaii Parks and Recreation.  This year the Waiakea High School Air Rifle Team provided the trap help/score keepers who must have done an outstanding job judging from the donations ponied up by the attendees.  The Friday night potluck in the park provided a good sampling of traditional Hawaiian dishes and the Sunday evening awards banquet included an opportunity to wander through the NaniMau gardens.

Complete shoot results can be found on the SHOOT RESULTS page.  Suffice to say, the natives excelled in the High All Around but the mainlanders made a respectful showing in some events.

Attending the Hawaii State Shoot is an experience unlike most any other.  Just the logistics of arranging the shoot (think about it everything is shipped in), accommodating the shooters and working within the County structure present unique challenges.  BITC Club President, Jordon Hara, and B.A.D. Company President, Dex Egdamin, teamed with others to make this a memorable event.  Probably more so than other Associations they need your support, so I recommend you commit early, sign up for 2016 now (watch for details).  You will not be disappointed.

Sue Brewer, Secretary


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