The 2020 target year ended October 31st and the PITA staff have been busy with year end processing, membership renewals and the day to day scores recording.  Amongst the things they are working on are the calculations for the selection of the Allstar teams, none of which is automated at this time.  If you feel you qualified for placement on the team please check you 2020 online average card to assure all your scores are recorded and are correct.  If you see any errors or omissions contact the PITA office by November 10th.

The teams will be posted here and letters mailed at that time.  Below are the requirements for 2020 teams (they have changed for 2021 – see 2021-2022 Rulebook).

 PITA ALL STAR TEAM (2019-2020 Rulebook pgs 2-3)

At the end of the target year, 11 five-person PITA All Star Teams consisting of a top five team, two men’s teams, two ladies’ teams, a veteran team (65-69 for the two major shoots), a senior team (70-74 for the two major shoots), an elder team (75 or older for the two major shoots), two junior teams (under 18 at the beginning of the target year) and a sub junior team (under 15 at the beginning of the target year) will be named by the PITA Administrative Office. Members of the respective teams are required to have met the following minimum target requirements:

Category 16 Yard Targets Required Handicap Targets Required Doubles Targets Required
Top five 1700 1700 1100
Men 1700 1700 1100
Ladies 1200 1200 600
Veterans 1200 1200 600
Seniors 1200 1200 600
Elders 1200 1200 600
Juniors 1000 1000 500
Sub Juniors 1000 1000 500

Team placement will be determined as follows:

  1. All shooters not awarded a spot on the “top five” team shall be eligible for All Star Teams in any category for which they may be eligible; these being both gender and age related.
  2. In the case of being eligible for two teams (these being gender and age categories) they shall be awarded a position on one team only, determined by whichever team they placed highest. In case the shooter qualifies for two teams at the same position, they shall be awarded the position in the age-related category.

Selection of the All-Star Team is based on the shooter’s ability as evidenced by their averages. The average is computed by dividing the sum of your singles average, handicap average and doubles average by three.  Targets must include at least 100 singles, 100 handicaps and 100 doubles each, shot at 5 different PITA hosted shoot locations. Cross registered targets shot at an ATA sanctioned event and submitted to the PITA will not be counted in the 5-club requirement for All Stars.

All members of the respective teams are required to participate in the High All Around events (200 Championship Singles, 100 Championship Handicap and 100 Championship Doubles) at two major shoots. Major shoots are the Grand Pacific, any PITA State/Provincial Shoot, the Western Canadian Championships and the Canadian Championships (when held in BC as a PITA shoot).

Note: At an Executive Committee meeting on May 27, 2020 the PITA Fall Classic was added as a Major Shoot for Allstar qualifications.

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