A printable calendar is now available. The calendar prints on 8 1/2″x11″ paper and will be updated as changes occur throughout the target year.


To access the printable calendar:

  1. Click on the CALENDARtab (top ribbon), and look for

Print via Google Calendar Service       Printable 2021-2022 Calendar Updated 12.2.21


  1. Click on PRINTABLE 2021-2022 CALENDAR Updated 12.2.21. This is what you will see, with shoots listed by month (October 2021 through November 2022).


Changes/updates posted at www.shootpita.com

* CA Series, # Vancouver Island Shooting League, – BC Winter League+ WA Magnum, = OR Magnum ODC-Oregon Doubles Classic WDL-WA Doubles League, BCDL-BC Doubles League, PDC-PITA Doubles Challenge, MAJOR SHOOTS in bold

  1. Or click on the following URL to access the calendar directly:


Contact Kay if you have difficulty accessing the printable calendar or printing it.

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