All the latest information about the Grand Pacific is posted here. will open on March 15th.

Message from the Executive Committee

2020 SPONSORS and advertisers – A Big Thanks to our major sponsors – Browning, All American Armory (click for special February offer), Vista Outdoor, CH Murphy|Clark-Ullman, Western States Asphalt, White Flyer, Cal-West Concrete, Northwest Shot, Michelle Spencer and TrapshootingUSA.  Click here to see all the sponsors and advertisers – please support these businesses that support YOU!  Check back soon as new sponsors and advertisers are being added.

2/19/2020 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (programs available in late April):

  • Saturday, July 18 – 500 target Doubles Marathon (not part of HOA)
  • Sunday, July 19
    • Gist Singles remembering Marian Pinnell and Durland Fischer
    • Black Diamond – West Coast Shot Handicap
  • Monday, July 20
    • Dolphin Bank Trucking – Yakima Sportsmen’s Club Doubles
    • OSTA Chuck Curtis Handicap
  • Tuesday, July 21
    • 28 ga Singles (100 targets) (not part of HOA-included in Super HOA)
    • Northwest Shot Singles
    • Bob Bellamy Memorial Handicap
  • Wednesday, July 22
    • 28 ga Doubles (50 pair) (not part of HOA-included in Super HOA)
    • Cal West Concrete Doubles
    • All American Armory Handicap
    • Wednesday Wobbles (non-registered evening event)
  • Thursday, July 23
    • 1st 100 Championship Singles sponsored by Vista Outdoor
    • TrapshootingUSA Handicap
    • Hall of Fame social hour honoring 2020 inductees Leo Pike and Dave Wade (ceremony held at WA State Shoot)
    • BT-99 shoot off (non-registered evening event)
  • Friday, July 24
    • 2nd 100 Championship Singles sponsored by Vista Outdoor
    • White Flyer Handicap
  • Saturday, July 25
    • Championship Doubles sponsored by CH Murphy|Clark-Ullman
    • Championship Handicap sponsored by Browning

1/30/2020 UPDATE:  At the January 30 meeting of the Executive Committee a few program changes were made.

  • Added money at the 2020 Grand Pacific will increase.  The 2019 auction generated $6,400 and that money will go back to the shooters with increases to added money.  In addition to the $2,000 extra added money in Monday’s Handicap (from 2018 auction), Tuesday and Thursday’s handicaps will have $2,000 more in each and the White Flyer Handicap will have $2,400 additional added.  If you or your business would like help increase the size of this premier event email or phone Kay at 208-312-0314 or Sue at 541-258-8766.
  • The trophy package is increased this year to allow trophies at each location with the exception of the championship events (#11, 13, 15, 16) which will be combined.  High Over All (HOA), High All Around (HAA), Super HOA, Rookie, Husband/Wife, Singles Championship Team, Two In A Family and Champion of Champions will also be determined from scores shot at both locations, combined.  There will be 12 White Flyer handicap trophies awarded similar to other handicap events.  If you would like to help sponsor the trophy package with a $50+ donation just let us know.  100% of donations are given to shooters in the form of added money or trophies.
  • Options will be separate by site with the exception of the Magnums that are combined.
  • Other changes:
    • The SHOT option will be combined with ties determined by long run so no shoot offs.  If this is something you haven’t played in the past as you didn’t want to stay for a shoot off you might want to give it a try this year and take home some NORTHWEST SHOT!  Don’t reload?  It’s easy to sell and increase the size of your wallet.
    • The HALL OF FAME induction will be at the WA State Shoot but a video of the ceremony will be shown on Thursday during an appetizer potluck social hour at 5:00 p.m. or immediately following shoot offs.

Check back often for more information and updates.  Pre-squadding will be available sometime in March.

1/16/2020 UPDATE:

Medford:  Candlewood Suites is offering special pricing to shooters attending any of the Medford shoots this year – including the Grand – click here for details.

1/13/2020 UPDATES:

Need an RV reservation for the Grand Pacific?  Space is limited at both locations so do not delay.  Same goes for hotel reservations – book early!

The Site Selection Committee has been working on the 2020 site for the Grand since late August. Two clubs were invited to host the 2020 Grand, only one responded.  It became evident during negotiations with Spokane GC that we could not come to an equitable agreement – one that benefited the shooters, the hosting club and the PITA.

Once again, we are heading down a path that has been traveled before – a Grand Pacific hosted at two sites.  This decision was reached by the EC at the 2-day meeting held at Medford GC on October 24-25.  Three clubs were asked to consider hosting the 2020 Grand.  Two clubs have committed to hosting the Grand, the Medford Gun Club and the Hillsboro Trap & Skeet Club.    Contract negotiations are underway.  Coming soon information on RV reservations (to be done by host clubs) and PreSquad – keep an eye on the PITA website.

There may be challenges but they are not insurmountable!  You have an EC that is dedicated to presenting a Grand benefiting the shooter as well as the host clubs.  You are the foundation for the Grand – it is your shoot.  We welcome your assistance and input as we work on the logistics for providing a Grand at the two sites.  Join us in welcoming and thanking the Medford Gun Club & Hillsboro Trap & Skeet Club for hosting the 2020 Grand Pacific.  Let’s make this a positive experience for us all – you the shooter, management at Medford & Hillsboro clubs, and the PITA.

Jennifer, Betty, Mike, Bob, Billy, Lonny, Patty, Brian, Gary, Steve, Kay & Sue

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