The schedule of events was set by the Executive Committee at their 11/29 meeting.  Except for the move to Spokane Gun Club there are scarcely any changes from previous years.

The events are as follows:

  • Sunday (9:00 start time) – July 23rd:  Coon Creek Singles, Black Diamond Gun Club Handicap
  • Monday (8:30 start) – July 24th: Dolphin Bank Trucking Doubles, Tilden Trophies Handicap
  • Tuesday (8:30 start) – July 25th: 100 28 gauge singles-sponsors Briley, Browning, White Flyer & Shoot To Win Gear, West Coast Shot Singles, All American Restoration Handicap
  • Wednesday (8:30 start) – July 26th: 50 pair 28 gauge doubles-sponsors Briley, Browning, White Flyer & Shoot To Win Gear, White Creek Gunstock Blanks Doubles, All American Armory Handicap, evening fun shoot
  • Thursday (8:30 start) – July 27th: 1st 1/2 of Championship Singles-sponsored by RIO, TrapshootingUSA Handicap, Hall of Fame Ceremonies
  • Friday (8:30 start) – July 28th: 100 singles (2nd 1/2 of Championships)-sponsored by NorthWest Shot and Ruger, White Flyer Handicap
  • Saturday (8:30 start) – July 29th: 50 pair doubles (Championships)-Championship Doubles sponsored by PITA and its members, Championship Handicap-sponsored by Browning

High Over All will include all registered events except the 28 gauge – total of 1400 targets.

Opening Ceremonies will be Sunday, July 23rd at 8:00 a.m.  We hope everyone will attend and congratulate the 2016 PITA Allstars.

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